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Miley Cyrus is a See Through Sea Punk from the Future of the Day

Sea punk is some weirdness I’ve accidentally walked into at bars that are like goth, hippie, hipster weirdos with street punk hairstyles, outfits from the future, men who look like women and women who look like men, that I guess has trickled down into Miley’s hollywood, candy coated world, and that she’s channeled in her own style that everyone is falling in love with, and that I only care about cuz it involves legs, shorts tights, see through shirts and a fit young skinny body I want to K-Fed….

She’s amazing…

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  • e.c.

    how sad she fells she needs so much attention.little girl trying to be an adult.Her talent has waned.So I guess her sad attention getting,she thinks will help career.e.c.

  • Nothing’s going to help that trainwreck…..it’s going to happen, just wait for it.

  • don’t like her either

    I don’t care for the girl either but she just got a gig on two and a half men so…….

  • kit


  • nic

    she is a disaster…..breakdown coming soon.

  • Odbarc

    The ONE day she wears a bra.

  • wow! i love what’s in those crazy pants. and to make it clear miley, i love you!

  • bb

    shes a doum azz she had all dat hair if i was black i would kill to hair that long before she cut it