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NYPD Shoot a Dog of the Day

I have a dog, I consider him my only real friend or at least the only person I like, so seeing the jacked up, power hungry, power tripping NYPD cops shoot this dog makes me really fucking mad…I don’t care what their hot head, quick fire reasons are, I don’t care about September 11th or that they all think they are fucking heros….they are evil people and they need to be fucking punished for their crimes on an innocent dog who was just being loyal to its master….

I fucking hate people….especially when they fuck with dogs. This video is the fucking worst.

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  • Chief1719

    This is the worst thing I have ever seen. I hope they put that cop in jail. Disgusting.

  • david

    He did what he had to do. You’
    re upset about the dog and the homeless guy is just laying there obviously in need of some medical attention. worry about that, idiots.

  • Robr

    There was no need to shoot that dog, if the man needed such urgent medical care like you claim in your comment then why did they not even go over to check on him once the dog was shot? This is incompetent police doing what they do best. I agree I hope they are both brought up on charges, fired and placed in jail for what they did. People like this don’t deserve be walking around.

  • Brad


  • LA

    Funny, I didnt see any of the people bitchen jumping up to get bit by the dog like the lady nearly did at the 4 second mark..

    Everyone is all fine and good with standing around as long as the dog isnt charging at them

    I like dogs but shit.. I dont want to get bit by one

  • George

    People are so worried about a dog, when there’s a man laying there. These policemen are trying to get to him, keep the lady who “might have” just been bit, and everyone else safe, and still do their job while people yell at them. Fuck you animal rights activist…. you’d rather save a dog, then worry about the people who are going to get attacked by the dog standing watch over somebody who’s dead or dying. the crowd didn’t help the dog by encircling the stroke victim, the police AND the people yelling put the dog into a higher state of alert… wise the fuck up… the people yelling also agitated the dog, and all he wanted was for his owner to be safe. that lady who got close to the stroke victim caused more to go wrong by being stupid, the cop just wanted to protect hisself so he can continue doing his job. yell at the old bitch being too busy of a lookie lue.

  • Andrew

    Seriously, all those people screaming about the cop shooting that good. I bet if that dog took a chunk out of their leg like he was fixing to do to that cop they’d be singing a different tune. I’m impressed that cop was able to hit the dog with one shot like that. And like that other guy said, what about the bystander that the dog took after just a few seconds before going after the cop? Clearly this dog wasn’t a friendly dog.

  • Clayton

    What is wrong with people? The dog is very aggresive animal who had clear intents to attack the cop. What is he suppoused to do just let the thing bite him? He did exactly the right thing. Its not like he was standing 15 feet away and murdered the dog. The dog was charging him and less than 3 feet away. If any of you dog lovers can honestly tell me that you wouldn’t be scared shitless seeing an animal like that charging you then I’ll call you a liar.Good on the cop for showing alot of composure and doing the right thing.

  • Luke

    How fucking stupid are some of you people. That was a very aggressive dog. Your a dumb fucking hypocrite to say you would not do the same thing in the same situation. Apparently a cop is just supposed let himself possibly get mauled by what is a very strong breed of dog.


  • Conan

    Its a dog and attacked… should be shot. Fuckin idiots, its only a dog. Smarten the fuck up. And that’s why society is fucked up, priorities are all fucked. ITS AN ANIMAL ONLY, it has no rights, fuck that.

  • NY

    Some pretty dumb fucks post here. Yes the dog was protecting his owner. He could have easily been controlled by a catch stick. Or via non-lethal means if the officer truly felt threatened. Discharging his weapon in that crowded street was more dangerous then the dog.

    But lets go back to the reasoning for the kill. It was to “help” the human lying on the ground. How long did the guy lay there before any of the cops even bothered to look at the guy? They were more concerned with threatening jail time to bystanders.

  • jonathan santos

    3:26 check out the cops shirt

    *stick around, i may need someone to blame*

    isnt that the truth.

    i wont say they did the right thing, i wont say i disagree with what the cop did. tough decision he had to make immediately. alot of you people can talk bad about the guy all you want, but for most of you the only quick decision you have to make is grande/skinny/foam/no foam when you get to the front of the starbucks line. give the guy a break, hes just trying to do his job. its not an easy one, so dont act like it is.

  • Moses

    Supposedly the report was the guy had a seizure after coming out of KFC help was called, the guys a drifter and travels with his dog for protection.. The cops arrived at the scene and kicked him to “wake him up” and the dog became protective barking and intimidating them to push them away. Lethal force was NOT needed In my opinion..

  • david

    the crowd becoming enraged over the dog being shot, contributed to the police being forced to deal with them, over the man that needed help. you can put most of the blame on them for the whole situation going bad.

  • Marie Eve

    they could have pepper sprayed it.

    This cop is an idiot

  • Jonathan santos

    I doubt the cop would kick a man obviously in need of medical attention. If you hate cops, just say so. Don’t try to gear people to your moronic ideals cause you spent a night in jail for cussing one when you were drunk or *insert your own idiocy here*. I don’t imagine this cop is an honor student, but I am sure he has enough sense not to kick a downed man in this day and age of cameras and recorders in everyone’s pocket. *parting the waters of Moses sea of bullshit*

  • Cheds

    I’m going to choose not to watch this video because I love animals. This sounds absolutely terrible and heart breaking.

  • Andrea

    Dog did not do anything wrong but being loyal to his master. Those cops shoul be put in jail and fired. But it’s okay because karma will come. RIP puppy and I hope his owner is okay.

  • Conan

    ITS A DOG FOR FUCK SAKES… It has no rights. Fuck all you pussies that think this dog shouldn’t have been killed. On a dog that’s at wits end, pepper spray isn’t gonna do shit.

    Its all you faggits, lesbians, feminists, tree huggers, animal lovers that are making this society nothing but complainers and big mouths, who think they know everything. Fuck off already.

  • Conan

    BTW there’s no such thing as Karma… idiots. A catch stick? This guy’s in medical distress, there’s no time to wait for the animal controll officer to show up. And then the people are yelling at the cops and become hostile mad over a stupid dog?!? Well, the cops are going to worry about crowd control at that point. You dumb fucks don’t know anything.

  • Moses

    “Instead of calling the ambulance, they started kicking him,” said lower East Side resident Aida Feliciano.

    “The dog was just defending its owner and the cops shot it in the head,” said deli clerk Ines Pauling.

    “If you kick the dog’s owner, the dog is obviously going to attack,” said Alan Crosby, 40, who saw the attack.

    Flame me all you want, I’m just relaying what first hand witnesses say.

    The picture of the medics carrying the male by his arms and belt loops show how the situation was handled.. Last time I checked that’s not how you handle someone who has fallen, Backboards, braces and care are usually part of the lift..

  • I hey,these dummies must havent seen the true affects and power when a pit go into protection mode,we just had a young lady here in my state to be killed by her own pit just two days ago she loved dearly,they were unable to determine which one of the five had killed her so they were all put down by the state,and low and behold here come the retards saying they should not have done that and how wrong it was to take the dogs out for killing a human,(sick ass mother fuckers)what they should have done is give these type on animals to everyone that think an animal has more value than human life,and hopefully they get their twisted up ass chewed the hell up beyound reconition,mayby then the will understand

  • Ken

    Screw you people defending the pitbull.. That damn dog was charging the cop. I would have shot it as well. Before you say it, I own three dogs so screw you before you even say I hate dogs. Well done officer.. You had every right to defend your self. Get bitten by a dog is nasty ass thing to go through.

  • cunty Cuntall

    If the dog is still warm, can I fuck it ??

  • dan

    Nothing wrong with this, the cop was protecting himself. Dogs don’t have some kind of moronic immunity to protection, the dog went to attack him. Bang, wrong move dog.

  • Jess

    If the dog would have bitten one of the officers, the dog would have been euthanized anyways. The officer did a great job at protecting himself and I would have done the same if I was in that situation.

  • sou’wester

    To the person who posted this video…… Are you blind? The dog seemed to be agitated! The dog seemed to be protecting the guy on the ground! ((((((( THE DOG WAS READY TO ATTACK AND DID LUNGE AT THE OFFICER))))))) The dog died!! Simple as that. Not trying to sound like an asshole or anything but the officers seemed to be trying to get to the man that was on the ground…… what’s the proper call….. do you back off and let the guy die or do you try and get to him. It is very unfortunate that the dog got shot but put yourself in the officers shoes and tell me that you (or any of the other people who have commented on this video) could have controlled the scene any better and if the dog attacked you, what would you have done in the time you had before the dog got to you…. SHOOT IT!!!!

  • the Cop was in his rights to shoot the dog! it was coming at him with the intent to hurt. he did his job! maybe he should also shot that lady with the big mouth! it’s a damn dog! WHO CARES!!!!!!!!