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Sara Jean Underwood & Emily Ratajkowski Do Carl’s Jr of the Day

I don’t give a fuck about that Sara Jean Underwood bottom feeding playboy trash whore…..her G4 TV nerd bullshit, and her implants fucking suck…

However, I am a fan of Emily Ratajkowski ….even though she ignores me and I generally hate girls who ignore me….it makes me want hire bikers to “tickle” them with force….because tickle is the new rape….

It may have to do with her duck lip injections…or the fact that she looks perfect when she is NAKED….and I Mean PERFECT ….

She’s not famous yet, only 5,000 people on instagram and twitter care about her…but she is gonnna be real fucking famous within a month…and I like that…even if it took riding Sara Jean Underwood to get there….

I like to think I was up on this first…but don’t like that I didn’t get up in this before it was too late…and it is alredy too late…she’s too big to talk to me…but at least I can always jerk off to her….she can’t take that away from me….

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  • lewis970

    Sara Underwood is 10x hotter than some ugly unknown girl w/fake lips