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Sarah Shahi for Maxim’s October Issue of the Day


She’s 32, She’s American depsite her ethnic looking face and name, cuz her dad is Iranian, and thus she is something you racist Americans hate…..despite how sexy she is….cuz racism doesn’t get blinded by sexy to your puritan freaks….while I’m from the school of fuck anything worth fucking….even if it gives you HIV……but I guess that’s cuz I am a lover not a hater….

She was a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys who became an actor who was in such revolutonary roles like Farah in Sleeper Cell, Dani in Life and now she’s in a show called Fairly Legal….she’s a mom…..this post has been brought to you by her Wikipedia page….and here is her rockin’ hard in Maxim…giving boners like she wasn’t old, washed up, and expired…I dig it.


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  • James

    Whoever wrote the intro to the gallery is a fucking tool.

  • NWBill

    I agree. Treating HIV like it’s some minor thing shows an ignorance and insensitivity that places the age of the writer at about 11 or 12 – hardly someone who should be writing in men’s magazines. And, if I were Sarah, I’d get this guy’s picture from the mag and hand it out to my security detail – cause this tool probably has the walls of his basement (where he no doubt lives) plastered with her pictures. Scary!

  • huh

    Well, everything in this blog is obviously written by a 13 year old bedwetter. But I come here for the boobs.

  • roscoe

    More importantly he left out her role in the L Word. And the phrase “dat azz”.

  • Donovan

    She is star of “Fairly Legal” on USA.

  • Chuck

    How can you leave out The L Word and a sex scene with Tony Soprano

  • marco

    She is Hot! Iranian women are beautiful!

  • Willie

    she is a dirty, rotten, slutty, little whore.

  • Willie

    she deserves a good poking in her cornhole