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Eniko Mihalik Hot for 25 Magazine of the Day

The fashion industry confuses me. It is like a cool kids club run by people who aren’t cool, who are always seeking the next starlet or muse or inspiration or designer, who is really is no different than anyone else, but to these latch ons, who pretend to be trend setters and important, is a genius….I don’t get why some people are considered more important than others….and I guess I don’t have to…cuz I’m just into the models and their toplessness….even when in movies that are weird for the sake of being weird…obscure and arty for the sake of being obscure and arty….that I know people who watched it were like “that’s fantastic, genius, revolutionary”….while the guy who made it is either playing it up like he’s the next big thing in fashion film….or laughing at how retarded people are…in the fashion circle jerk of losers who don’t know what is important in life.

That said, here’s Eniko, a model I like seeing topless, doing some topless shit in video…

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