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Alex Vega Has Black Friends of the Day

Alex Vega is the girl in Spy Kids who you probably masturbated to when she was 14 cuz you like all Robert Rodriguez movies….but more importantly cuz you like 14 year old girls…you sick fuck.

She’s of some Hispanic decent and I can’t call her a Spic cuz apparently that offends people, it is the N-Word of the latin American community, even though I see it as an abbreviation, an LOL of sorts….why type the whole thing out, we know what they are about….kinda thing….but I forget we are in a world of equal opportunity and affirmation action…where we fear addressing the black man as a black man because that could be taken the wrong way even though he is a black man and instead we try to address him as “The one over there in the white shirt”….to which I say “Who, the black guy”…..at which point everyone’s jaw drops….in an “OMG (abbreviation of Oh My God for those of you who hate abbreviations, especially when those abbreviations are the word SPIC)….”…..

This is 2012 and we are all one fucking color….keep our racism in our homes and to our crossing the street when walking towards one late at night….cuz racism is in action not in words…so as long as we don’t say “Black guy”….we can pretend we love all people cuz we are all equal….like Alex Vega..with black friends….showing the world….she’s not racist…..like you are….especially when they are in bikini…..

I’m not racist, I hate everyone.

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  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    STFU about race and keep talking about how I’m a sick fuck