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Danica Thrall Lesbian Scene of the Day

There was a news story that came out the other day about some bitch named Danica Thrall who is supposed to be some reality star from Big Brother or some shit, that I assume is big in the UK, cuz I’ve never heard of her, but more importantly because she has that fake tit Glamor Model look….and since I’ve never heard of her, I also assume she’s probably leaked this story herself cuz this is how girls get famous these days..and really I don’t even know if this bitch is her, since I didn’t look into it, but I’ll just assume that it is….enjoy this softcore implant hustle that bores me…..if this is how lesbians actually fuck, no wonder they are so angry.

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  • Travis

    I love how bored they look.
    They’re like, “I guess this is what we have to do to get male attention…”.

  • Russell J Heath

    A tutorial on how not to shoot a video with instructions being given during the filming, brilliant!