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India Reynolds & Danica Thrall Topless Tits do Christmas of the Day

There is no gift better than titties on Christmas…except maybe everything in our HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE …Obviously…I like to make everything about me..even UK Glamour Model tits…I am so self absorbed…


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Danica Thrall Titties for NUTS of the Day

Danica Thrall must be a Glamour model because she’s showing her tits in a Lad Mag…like Nuts…who basically took the Glamour model movement to the next level and gave more and more strippers and walmart workers a venue to show off their awesome sized tits, despite being average at best looking, taking them to an international platform that will land them a rich husband who is into this whore look, cuz having a girl that dudes jerk off to, is like having a Rolls Royce, even if to anyone with a brain, we know it’s a fucking 1985 Honda who knows how to whore her way to some weird level of celebrity…but why analyze when you can stare at them tits.

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Danica Thrall for Nuts of the Day

Danica Thrall is posing topless for Nuts….because I guess that’s what she does…and if you’re like me…you probably don’t really no anything about her…so I went to the trouble to showcase some highlights from her awesome….career that will no doubt be a legacy that lives on forever…

Here are the hightlights of Danica Thrall’s a pretty impressive career….

1- Thrall was badly bullied at school which influenced her to go into the modelling industry after buying stupid fake tits….

2- She appeared on the documentary Sex, Lies & Rinsing Guys, which documented the practice of “rinsing”, that of chatting to men on the Internet with them in return sending her presents, for instance gifts from her Amazon.com wishlist because she herself is a hooker who chats with dudes for material goods…

3- She was previously a regular presenter on televised sex line Elite TV where she engaged in lesbian softcore pornography with fellow presenters and phone sex with callers as most porn stars do…

A Classy Young Lady….doing her thing….with her silly tits….

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Danica Thrall Presents 101 Topless TV Stars of the Day

This is an amazing article and that’s all there is to it. I mean what better way to celebrate a pretty bullshit list that may not be life changing or genius, and that may not have taken much more than a google search by an intern and an hour to compile…of “girls who have been topless who have been on TV at least once and we’ll just pretend they are stars…”….coupled with no fear of a lawsuit from the evil paparazzi and film companies who always threaten to sue me for posting clips of girls topless in their movies and Tv shows….
than to have a Glamour model present the shit by getting topless….Danica Thrall looks hot…and 101 screen caps of bitches showing tits…isn’t all that bad either….if anything there’s something for everyone in there…like a menu at a family chain of restaurants, the titty version….I’m just glad I didn’t order the white sauce…

Good job NUTS on this masterpiece…

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Rhian Sugden and Danica Thrall Hot for Loaded of the Day

Rhian Sugden is some Glamour model who is relatively famous in the Glamour Model scene….not that I know all that much about this Glamour model scene, partially because I am not in the UK…but mainly because it is a scene that I hate since topless girls are meant to be accessible and in strip clubs and not given fame and fans that make them think that they are real famous models….because girls paid to get naked on camera…should be banging on camera…especially when they look like porn chicks…and she’s posing with DANICA THRALL some Glamour model who has recently gone nuts….or at least tried to go nuts to get attention to herself for doing a lesbian scene or something that doesnt matter and that is totally expected….and here they are posing together, censored by amazing.

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Danica Thrall Lesbian Scene of the Day

There was a news story that came out the other day about some bitch named Danica Thrall who is supposed to be some reality star from Big Brother or some shit, that I assume is big in the UK, cuz I’ve never heard of her, but more importantly because she has that fake tit Glamor Model look….and since I’ve never heard of her, I also assume she’s probably leaked this story herself cuz this is how girls get famous these days..and really I don’t even know if this bitch is her, since I didn’t look into it, but I’ll just assume that it is….enjoy this softcore implant hustle that bores me…..if this is how lesbians actually fuck, no wonder they are so angry.

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