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Kanye West Sex Tape for Attention of the Day

Apparently Kanye West has dropped a sex tape… according to radaronline and is shopping it around because if there is one thing and one thing only that he can learn from his girlfriend, KIM KARDASHIAN AND HER SEX TAPE , is that Opened many doors….or maybe he just can’t have her have something he doesn’t have….especially considering she’s pushing a billion dollar brand all thanks to a sex tape…making Kanye’s genius business savvy say “i should do that too”…cuz as much as he produces hits, he’s hanging on and plotting how to stay on top hard….

Apparently the girl in the video looks like Kim Kardashian cuz Kim Kardashian is done with sex tapes…even though KIM KARDASHIAN HAS DONE A SEX TAPE and it was like watching two apes mate in the zoo…cuz under all that make-up she’s an animal..

I don’t have the Sex Tape…but when I do….I’ll post it…Stay tuned…


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  • david

    Not racist? Not a little? LOL! Obviously you’re a minority because nothing you ever do is racist. Thats a stretch to post a video of two gorillas fucking and call it a Kanye sex vid because the female “looks” like Kim Kardashian. Just embrace it buddy.

  • david

    Sheesh pussy, too scared to leave the original video up of gorillas fucking at the zoo and calling it a Kanye sex tape?! Grow a pair and embrace your racism.