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Rihanna’s Bikini Pic for Twitter of the Day

Rihanna posed in some high waited shorts and a bikini top like a teen girl who listens to too much Miley Cyrus….because she’s likely got less of an education that them.. you know pulled out of school at 14 and unregulated like the American kids in show business because she wasn’t American…but more of a refuge, stowaway, orphan, child bride…whatever you want to call it….it worked for her and she’s famous and rich and doesn’t need an eight grade education….all she’s gotta do is post pics of bikinis on the internet and sing the occassional song and bitch is set…in ways even tourists who visit her country aren’t….and as long as she’s putting up the bikini pics and there is a volume button on the radio…I dig it…cuz

There’s just something about Rihanna, and that thing is not that she lets her men beat her, but cuz she just speaks to my soul….and by soul I mean penis…and by penis I mean I’d love to make sweet love to her even if all she’s into is fucking…..since no one makes love anymore…we are all just emotionless, porn influenced, perverts grinding out….it is really tragic…

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  • Rosarch

    Stupidest fucking tattoo ever. She ruined herself now and looks like total shit. Uggh.