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Kate Upton Plays With Puppies of the Day

I already posted the CR FASHION BOOK photoshoot with Kate Upton that is obviously mocking fashion shoots for being fake high concept shit that is really just shit…but that people buy into….you know some satire with some “throw in kids, puppies, men dressed like unicorns”….let’s be as ironic and as possible…and that is the high concept everyone will buy into..kinda thing…and I find it hilarious…but maybe I am just smitten that Kate Upton didn’t eat one of the puppies cuz she got hungry on set….she’s that kind of pig….with a fat ass just waiting to explode on the fucking scene…to match her big tits she’s not exploiting enough here…..there are

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  • MJH

    Possible Nipple at the 1:57 mark…