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Phil Varone’s Vegas or Bust Exclusive Clips of the Day

Here’s an exclusive clip sent to me by my friends at VIVID of Rockstar Phil Varone’s Swinger porn….

I know swingers…you know the kind of couples who fuck other couples with consent because let’s face it being monogamous fucking sucks and if you’re cheating when together it isn’t cheating at all…even if GOD is judging you…..but that’s just cuz GOD, or the church who invented GOD is boring….cuz I say fuck all you can and as many people as you can…but maybe that’s just cuz I am a romantic…..

I have tried to get into a swingers club at least 10 times in my life, alone, while wasted, unshowered and convinced it was a good idea but was always asked to leave by the door man in his tuxedo cuz I was riding solo, ready to jerk off, and I told them that my plan was to see how fat the swinger bitches were, cuz I heard they were nasty, and if they weren’t fat enough I would creep in the corner like I was a fly on the wall, or a creep on the fire escape peeping in…..

Phil Varone, from Skid Row, who has been on Celeb Rehab, and has turned to porn, has been a swinger for a long time, and this is his movie, featuring real life swingers, we’re talking non pornstars doing porn, and they are fucking hot…..


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