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Lindsay Lohan Was “allegedly” Assaulted by a Republican of the Day

So Lohan invited a dude back to her hotel for an after party last night, that ended with the dude getting arrested for assaulting her….

His name was Christian Labella, he’s obviously connected, and they deleted his facebook, but before they did we grabbed this pic of him and Paul Ryan….cuz he is connected with the Republicn party…

The story is that she freaked on him for taking a pic of her and he ended up choking her and mounting her…cuz she’s clearly a cunt and he clearly has a tempers and thinkshe is above the law….

Luckily she wasn’t alone with him, or this publicity stunt coulda ended in murder, but instead her friends pulled him off her, and she ran for the fire alarm in some over dramatic rich kid drama…..

But then again…this could all be Lohan overreacting…..because she’s fucking insane….

As someone who has been invited back to Lohan’s hotel room after partying a few years ago….I know she’s insane…But I didn’t have the urge to take pics of her or beat her up…I was too busy trying to figure out why she was locked in her bedroom for an hour…only to come out in pajama pants and heels to do a stripper dance to her album she never released…before breaking down and crying about Sam Ronson…reading the texts to me as they came in in one of the weirder nights of my life….I was too thrown off but if I was on my A-Game…I would have been tryig to save her….but Lohan didn’t want me to be her superman….she was too busy crying, laughing, dancing, screaming and eating french fries….

Now who is Christian LeBella – Lohan Beater…..

Well Governor Sarah Palin endorsed this Christian La Bella for role as president of a fraternity at University of San Diego…because she likes woman beater…not that I can confirm or deny this is actually her or a prank…but for the sake of this post…let’s say it is legit.

He also worked for the Republican party this past summer….

And based on our research….hard hitting journalist…he’s from Beverly Hills….but the slums of Beverly Hills….with a 6 bedroom and 3 bath 900k house…..but I guess it got him in the right circles…no wonder he’s angry…he’s the non rich kid amongst rich kids…

Here’s a pic of his house….

Which would explain his bitterness, or excitement getting invited to her hotel room, what is that in the driveway, a 1990 CRV, I hope it belongs to the Mexicans working the yard…or it could be humiliating pulling into the country club for him…so humiliating and probably why he fucking rages out on his quest to being society…

All this to say…what a fucking asshole….never beat up women….


Lohan got choked out had scratches on her neck, but said she didnt want to go to the hospital. refused treatment so they dropped the assault charges

She wouldn’t go to hospital cuz she was on drugs…and/or Paul Ryan needed to keep his image clean….and/or it didn’t actually happen….and/or who fucking cares.

UPDATE 2 – Lohan is a brat who wastes tax payers money and police time in her crazy coked out freak outs. I’ve met her and she’s the kind of girl who will call the police on you for no reason cuz she’s crazy…..what a waste of tits.

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  • beavis

    This could really help Romney in Ohio.

  • Joe

    Buulshit, the slut pinched his $800 phone and he took it back. Thats exactly how the cops saw it and dropped the charges.
    This aint over —She may be the one arrested ! The New York cops dont take shit from Hollywood brats

  • I agree – she’s a fucking brat. The kind of girl who would attack a motherfucker and blame him for it. I’ve met her and she’s crazy.

  • John Cee

    The guy’s a cunt but so are you Jizzus for posting and not redacting his address and pic of where he lives.

    This is Kos-level quality!

  • Rosarch

    The question is why is a connected guy with political aspirations, a member of the party of “family values” hanging out in hotel rooms with the likes of Lindsay Lohan? Was he there for the cocaine, heroin, what?

    You would think someone who is a rising star in politics would stay the fuck away from someone like Lohan. Not too bright eh buddy?

  • biker mike

    ok because you are from canada, you get nothing but government approved news,,, any one can have a pic taken with anyone if they make a donation, would ya really want the list of those that have posed with obama? how about the terrorist that helped obama launch his political career? how about a jew hating white hating pastor?, please stick to naked women, dont want to see slanted politics here, we get enough of that from nbc,cbs,cnn ,abc, BCC,,, besides it’s lindsay, when was the last time that ugly waste of flesh ever told the truth?How about the many dems who break the law and get a pass, like the rich democrat charlie rangel of NY who doesnt pay taxes, gets caught and walks, and gets re-elected?

  • Siegfried Ottendorfer

    Christian Labella is my hero!!!

    Thank you Christian!!!!

  • Joe

    Jesus is correct.
    This spoiled brat bitch IS crazy and headed for a mortuary slab it sjust a matter of time
    I know these people (or should I even use the word “people”
    The whole F_ing family is crazy except for the Italian grandmother. The poor womans got total shit for “golden years” .
    Wanna see a brat ? Just wait till the young brother starts making the rounds.

  • Josie

    I knew this kid in high school. He was such a douchebag. He was always on a quest to prove who he knew and how cool he was, when really, he isn’t anyone.

    So sad. Plight of the spoiled LA kid,