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Megan Fox Had a Baby of the Day

MEGAN FOX had her baby with David from 90210…..

I forgot that Megan Fox was pregnant….mainly because I forgot about Megan Fox….she doesn’t matter….she barely exists….she was overhyped for a minute…and thanks to an overbearing jealous boyfriend who convinced her he was the only man who would ever love her….and her weak groupie ways….coupled with her bad attitude….and non nude acting roles…even though all we ever wanted from her plastic surgery produced face is fucking nudity….

Her baby – Noah Shannon Green – spawn of David from 90210 who I like to think ruined everything there is about Megan Fox….was born September 27 and I predict will be hated by her remaining fans who have trouble getting over pussy in movies they never met but liked looking at…for turning his mother into a loose vagina, shitty body, pig trying to bounceback from the hell she created for herself…

But I am an optimist, eager for her post-partem depression, her resentment for her husband, and her comeback tour that this time will involve being naked, because as women get older….they gynecologist is less a thing about being shy…and more a thing about getting a cheap thrill…just hoping someone other than their husband gets wrist deep….

All this to say, who cares about Megan Fox, the garbage her uterus shat out, or her comeback…she doesn’t matter. She’s old news. She’s officially fallen off. Let this be our goodbye….GOODBYE.

Here’s a bunch of pics of her….to celebrate what was….I’m ready to move on…

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  • shitdick

    torn up vagina, fukked up stomach, and giant nipples post pregnancy are 3 reasons why i do not give the fuck about this no talent hack anymore.

  • blah

    RIP megan fox 🙁

  • mick

    Never thought she was much anyway. Now I am sure.