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Barbie Blank / Kelly Kelly Rockin Abs of the Day

Kelly Kelly is on a rebrand because the WWE own her name..as the WWE run like a porn company…who figure if they invest money into some dumb cunt that is totally replaceable, and who historically, based on all the other sluts before her, will let her “celebrity” get to her head and fuck off on contract re-negotiations to go do her own thing…cuz she forgets what the power of her owners actually is….and she forgets the day they first hired her where she screamed at herself in the mirror saying “OMG OMG OMG THIS IS IT”….you know before the pro athlete and rich guy boyfriends…back when her other option was to be a cocktail waitress…..

Well, she’s off on a mission to next level herself, even if she’s peaked and she has to do it under her natural, biological, real porn name….Barbie Blank….so she’s dyed her hair, she’s flexed her abs, and motherfucker, it’s on…but I predict…it won’t go too far…

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  • PNF

    muy sexy abs!

  • cowbulls

    This chick knows her role. Every male WWE star that wanted her got her. Bravo for her.