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Candice Swanepoel’s Legs Skateboard of the Day

There’s something I really hate about girls who skateboard….and that I have always hated about girls who skateboard….and that is that they look like idiots and usually aren’t as dainty or as lady like as I like my girls to be…but I guess that was an era before the long board made a comeback…cuz seeing Candice Swanepoel, my favorite, rocking her long athletic model legs, squatting like she was on my dick…but instead on a longboard…. all beachy and 70s erotic…and not tom boy trying to pop shove it….and I like it….but then again…I like all Candice Swanepoel has to offer…from her period…to shitting…to anything disgusting she can do..it’s all fucking gold to me…

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  • cowbulls

    She is turning into a hell of a sexy woman. Her ass and figure is filling out great. I’d be happy to give her the ol’ lick & dick.