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Rachel Fox Bikini Pics for Instagram of the Day

Rachel Fox is some 16 year old girl who was on Desperate Housewives and who understands that she doesn’t need Halloween to get half naked for attention…she can just do it any fucking day by wearing a bathing suit or a bikini…and all the perverts who are into 16 year old starlets trying to get noticed the best way there is to get noticed…getting half naked before they turn 18 like they were Miley, Vanessa Hudgens, Taylor Momsen and all the other young Hollywood TWHORES (that’s Tween Whore in My Language)…..because perverts and the media will always pay the fuck attention to TWHORES…

ure this could be pics of her in latex, space alien for her trick or treating….cuz I think kids at 16 still trick or treat…but instead it’s more innocent, subtle, and not some Halloween bullshit…which works nicely for those of us who hate Halloween and its commercial appeal….I’m such a hipster…all anti-establishment and too cool for Halloween.

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