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Fergie is a Cat for Halloween of the Day

Maybe I am getting old, or shit is getting repetitive…and just doesn’t matter to me…because I did not give a single fuck that this past weekend was the big blow-out weekend for Halloween…

College girls…and old moms alike were out in their full slut gear…as skimpy as their wild side allowed…because Halloween allowed them to have a carte blanche…an excuse….and full rights to let loose and be like “it’s halloween, here’s my fucking pussy lips hanging out of my underwear”…..

I think I didn’t care because there are sluts everywhere, and they don’t need halloween to be half naked….and those are the sluts I like….and not the 9-5 slut in the same costume ever other girl is wearing trying to be sexy…

Sure I like prude bitches letting it all out cuz they have an socially acceptable excuse to…but shit just doesn’t give me a boner….maybe cuz it’s always the same fucking costume….on a different fucking body…or maybe just cuz it’s played out.

Yes, I am too cool for Halloween.

Here’s Fergie as a cat hiding her dick for Twitter….cuz it is Halloween…even though people should be doing this everyday….

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