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Candice Swanepoel’s Rihanna Ass Grab at the VS Show Pics of the Day

Candice Swanepoel just posted this pic of her grabbing Rihanna’s ass at the VS fashion show…along with other pics of Rihanna saying girl crush…I am gonna assume it has something to do with Candice being african and Rihanna’s ancestors being african slaves that make her feel this connection but I am also gonna assume that Victoria’s Secret runs like a porn company…and that their girls are actually owned by the corporation….or at least their names are…because the corporation is powerful and made them the celebrities they are….taking them out of the third world….waving green cards in their faces…all while so many other girls could be doing their job…..

So I am gonna assume the instagram of all these girls is run in a little basement office at the Limited Brands head office in Ohio….but at least while pretending to be Candice…they are posting pics of her half naked….modeling from their show…to hype it up more than the infomercial already is…cuz as you know…I’m a pretty huge fan of this one….not sure why…but I’ll start with her toes and work my way up….

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