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Candace Bailey Sexy in Men’s Health December 2012 of the Day

Candace Bailey is some might as well be 40 year old from some pretty much low level G4 TV show for nerds cuz nerds are loyal that I should probably not call low level because it has featured me at least once and that would be ungrateful and cunty of me….

She’s making some really low level appearance in Men’s Health December gift guide bullshit….wearing a bikini…

Which I guess is worth looking at….even if you’re not one of her hundreds of fans who are building sex dolls in her image…cuz you believe she’s actually into video games and nerd shit…when in reality she’s in it for the money and the stepping stone to bigger deal shit….even though she’s not 20 anymore….and married…and hanging on hard….

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  • .Steverino

    Hard bodies milfs need love too!