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Megan Fox Appearance on the Wedding Band of the Day

Some show I’ve never heard of called The Wedding Band…has just leaked a clip of Megan Fox’s bad acting in what is probably her first job in the last couple years…you know since David from 90210 brain washed her into having his baby and throwing her career away because he loved her and made her back when no one knew who she was and everyone else around wouldn’t be into her for her…but into her….for her hot famous body….in a strategy that worked for him…..

But none of that explains TBS’ pathetic attempt to get some attention to this garbage by throwing this has been twat into the mix in an episode that Airs November 17….and that she’s wearing a crop top belly reveling shirt in….

But more importantly…none of that explains why I like watching her in low level acting in action….but her hot body does…

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