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Lindsay Lohan Does Jummy Fallon of the Day

I can’t stand Jimmy Fallon and I think he needs to be shot…and that happened long before he used Lindsay Lohan in what is the worst possible way you could use Lindsay Lohan….and I am not talking like how her mom, friends and Sam Ronson and everyone around her used her….or how she used drugs….but by having her smear cake in some dudes hair semi-erotically…is just humiliating for her….doing any gig she can…god fucking knows why…cuz she should just retire instead of helping fuel idiots like Jimmy Fallon who are using her to give himself more street cred than using The Roots as his band…..I encouraged people to hunt him down….for all the wrong he has done in the world….and I encourage Lindsay Lohan to give me a call if she really wants to save her career…I got all the ideas that involve more tit and less of this garbage….

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