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Sara Jean Underwood in Panties of the Day

No idea what these are for…I just know that people love Sara Jean Underwood….which is insanity because she’s really fucking low level…but I guess she’s got naked for money before…which is a redeeming quality as far as I am concerned…especially for women so hungry to be famous…that they fake date Ryan Seacrest and agree to host G4 TV bullshit pretending to be into nerd shit…in hopes of it being a stepping stone…when all it really means is that for the rest of time she’ll be that obscure girl in costume signing autographs at the various comic events around America….which I guess is a pretty huge achievement for a girl everyone just assumed was gonna become a stripper..cuz that’s all she was skilled to do…

Here she is posing in her panties..showing off wrinkles around her eyes…cuz she’s not 19 anymore…but still stripping for cameras…like a good girl…good girl.

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  • shitdick

    this whore is 10 times hotter then that ape with a giant forehead Rihanna you post about every fucking day.

  • roscoe

    Agreed. Prettier than any of the catalog model freaks he spews about all the time also. Goal for the day: write a post without using the term “low level”.