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Victoria’s Secret Models at the Victoria’s Secret Show Fitting of the Day

Doutzen Kroes, Candice Swanepoel, Alessandra Ambrosio and the other Victoria’s Secret “Angels”..who big evil corporate Victoria’s Secret have made famous, relevant, important, despite being glorified catalog models, all as part of a global and successful marketing campaign that’s going into it’s third decade of underwear marketing….has released some backstage, fitting pics, from their fashion show…that will air as an infomercial…to get people in the holiday buying spirit in the next few days….and despite already having seen these girls…in these outfits…cuz the blitz has already gone down promoting the event….I’ll always take a second to stare at more pics of the shit…..cuz like you…I love seeing these girls half naked….even if they bore me and it is repetitive…

To See The “Angels” at an in Store Event
follow this link

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