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Rihanna’s Instagram Fun of the Day

Huge and totally uninteresting news…Rihanna or Chris Brown tweeted a picture of Rihanna in her underwear with Chris Brown at some Macy’s Perfume launch cuz she’s classy and cuz they both like all the attention they get in the media about it…that’s why they lied about the whole beating in the first place…shit it’s hollywood…I can’t tell movie make-up from the real fucking thing..and I trust none of these assholes…they have no souls and are puppets to make stupid money…manipulating the public is kind of a huge part of what they do…even if he did beat the fuck out of her, I guess she realized she deserved it, making their peace with each other….but still useless stupidities that I can separate myself from the evil that is them…to focus on what is important…and that is half nakedness.

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  • Travis

    I can’t wait for Rihanna to become the Karen Carpenteresque poster girl for domestic violence.
    It’s going to happen.
    Light a candle now, bitches.