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Olga Kurylenko Boring in Blackbook of the Day

People like Olga Kurylenko….

I like that she marries different people for citizenship in different countries so that she can work and become the famous actress she always wanted to be growing up in some cinderblock one bedroom apartment in the heart of communism….

It’s almost like she’s a male order bride, only she’s her own agent and doesn’t need low level website or the mob to really help her find fake love for personal gain….

I just kinda wish that like most USSR babes, she was getting more naked in these pictures, but I guess she’s won and got to the point where she doesn’t have to.

Cuz I’ve seen interviews with some of these women forced to work brothels, and despite acting like they like being put on display and fucked by strangers at 18 years old…they really don’t…and prefer to be clothed…and working legitimate careers…

I guess Olga Kurylenko defied all odds and has made it…cuz now she’s in magazines…instead of the bread line…

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