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Olga Kurylenko Naked for Terry Richardson of the Day



I am going to assume that these are old pics of Olga Kurylenko, because she’s now 35 and 35 year old, even when communist hookers, generally don’t get naked, unless they’ve been fired by their sugar daddy.

Her story is typical, she was imported to Paris at 16 by some rich pervert…pretending to make her a model with plans to takeover the world…when really she was brought over for sex….and has since been in a couple of movies….but more importanlty…has married rich guys, twice, for citizenship in non-communist countries and more importantly…for divorce settlements that mean she doesn’t need to work..

What matters is the bush….

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Olga Kurylenko for Tatler Russia of the Day

Here’s a hot shoot of Olga Kurylenko for some Russian Magazine, making me assume these pictures were taken for another magazine a bunch of years ago, but are just being re-used lby Russia, like they were a pair of Levis Jeans, or Michael Jackson back in the 80s. You know always 10 years behind thanks the the iron curtain of communism…

You know, take old pics of a Russian who escaped Russia and show them to Russia, to let them know there is hope, that if you sign up to the right mail order bride agency, you too can be fee and glamourous like this babe…

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Olga Kurylenko Squatting for Instyle of the Day

Olga Kurylenko is a very popular Russian bride who escaped communism through a modeling front and random marriages to various men, securing citizenship in various countries, you know using her sex appeal to better her life, and in turn better ours, cuz now you can masturbate on her, rather than order drinks from her when visiting Russia on a school trip.

As a driven Russian, who doesn’t let adversity get in her way, she’s now a big movie star, in Tom Cruise movies and shit…and now she’s squatting in Instyle like she’s taking a shit…what won’t this bitch do to get ahead…

I’m into it

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Olga Kurylenko for i-MAD Magazine of the Day

Here is a photoshoot of Olga Kurylenko…..showing off some of her Russian dance moves….for some Magazine called i-Mad, that I’ve never heard of…

I know, it is disappointing that being a mail order bride or at least from the same world as mail order brides, and the whole mail order bride thing is something close to her heart that I am sure friends and family have taken part in over the generations of communist rule….

I mean it would explain why she’s been married multiple times, once for French citzenship in 2000, for American citizenship in 2006, and now she’s living in London.

Who cares about that

You can still see the bottom of her titties and that’s good enough for me…you see cuz her face is hypnotizing, practically perfect, and when that happens, especially on a 33 year old, I can ignore the fact that she’s clothed.

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Olga Kurylenko Boring in Blackbook of the Day

People like Olga Kurylenko….

I like that she marries different people for citizenship in different countries so that she can work and become the famous actress she always wanted to be growing up in some cinderblock one bedroom apartment in the heart of communism….

It’s almost like she’s a male order bride, only she’s her own agent and doesn’t need low level website or the mob to really help her find fake love for personal gain….

I just kinda wish that like most USSR babes, she was getting more naked in these pictures, but I guess she’s won and got to the point where she doesn’t have to.

Cuz I’ve seen interviews with some of these women forced to work brothels, and despite acting like they like being put on display and fucked by strangers at 18 years old…they really don’t…and prefer to be clothed…and working legitimate careers…

I guess Olga Kurylenko defied all odds and has made it…cuz now she’s in magazines…instead of the bread line…

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Olga Kurylenko’s on the Beach of the Day

Olga Kurylenko is some pretty well liked Communist…because the cold war is over and we aren’t conditioned to think that every Russian worth fucking…you know…who isn’t on the Russian Ladies Hockey Team….is a spy…even though she’s not just Russian…but has been run through the mail order bride circuit…and has French and American citizenship…cuz thta’s what marrying strategically does for Soviet with a dream…..allowing us to focus on what’s important…which is the Cold War that water is having with her tits…Lovely nipples…


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Olga Kurylenko Hot and Bendy for Complex Magazine of the Day

I am going to start doing Yoga….not because Olga Kurylenko looks amazing in Yoga poses for Complex, because I never remember who Olga Kurylenko is, I always have to wikipedia her, and even after I do that, all I figure out is that she’s some communist born escapee via modeling as so many girls in 1980s USSR are, at least the ones we hear of, since every Russian we know is a fucking model, because the ones killed off in the illegal sex trade kinda aren’t put on our radar in the media….

I am going to start doing Yoga strictly to increase my flexibility and not because seeing girls in ridiculous fitness poses turns me on, that’s just a fucking bonus….


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