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Kate Upton is the Worst for Germany of the Day


More importantly, I have fucked hotter girls, with better bodies, than Kate Upton….and more than just once…and I am not just saying that…it’s the fucking truth…and that is probably why I find her hype…nothing but hype…

She’s a chunky pig face fat girl in training…who I am pretty sure is gonna fall off eventually…when people she decided to go pro in her fatness….you know and really commit to her overreating and laziness that at 19 is not offensive, just a little sloppy, but by 25 will be a nightmare, I’m talking 3 am, bar is closed betty you are too ashamed to tell your friends about, even if she was once the 2012 great Kate Upton that no one will remember by 2017, cuz shits about to fall apart fast…

I mean she’s already doing the obscure foreign market magazines, it’s just a matter of time before everyone forgets she exists and focus on actual babes with actual hot bodies…and faces that don’t smell like bacon…like Emily Ratajkowski ….you know so Kate Upton can turn to titty fetish porn where she belongs.

Kate Upton is just a fad, like Hypercolor T-Shirts, Lady Gaga and all the other horrible fads people got rich off of for the minute it lasted…

True fucking story.

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  • Chuck Norris

    You’ve fucked hotter girls?

    Uh, yeah, and you’re a space pirate who’s a Navy SEAL, a lifetime 400 hitter, and your Herpes is in remission.

  • Travis

    I don’t get the mass-appeal of this girl. She has an ok face, I’m assuming she’s tall enough, she has big tits.
    But her body is just so so. She’s semi-dumpy & somehow her big tits get her the(laughably photoshopped)cover of SI.
    I don’t get it…

  • cowbulls

    She would be on the short list for top 10 sexual fantasy bucket list. Not in a few years however.

  • NotBuyingIt

    So… how about letting us enjoy looking at her until it’s worn out, OK?