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Kate Upton for Fire Age Campaign of the Day

Game of War – Decisions from Jeguk Group on Vimeo.

Apparently this videogame is one of the biggest mobile videogames to ever exist. It is called This is War – Fire Age or something equally nerdy, virginal, and expected to be a huge hit game because what the fuck else are socially awkward kids doing with their free time, not a whole fucking lot…so they cast Kate Upton to distract them, lure them, excited them and make them think she is on their game too, and that one day they may meet her along the RPG way….and the whole thing is fucking weird, but not as weird as Kate Upton’s acting, or the fact they don’t shoot much of her tits down, because everyone knows that below the tits, she’s a fucking train wreck….to look at…and apprently this whole campaign cost 40 million dollars…waste of money….

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The Wind VS Kate Upton of the Day

Sometimes the wind is a fucking pervert…it blows up dresses of girls…at the perfect time…like when the paparazzi are standing by to capture the moment…sometimes it misses the mark and blows up the skirt of some overrated fat chick, piggish model with too much hype, who doesn’t deserve the fame she’s got – but her family is rich and made it happen for her and sometimes it gets actually hot asses I want to see being flashed unsuspecting…sometimes on girls no wearing panties…

Today, it got Kate Upton…an ass if you really want to see in all it’s glory, is available on google in hundreds of sexts she sent, making her cooler than I first thought she was, but still overrated…and dumpy…not that you care…you like anything with massive tits…and to you and your small town…she’s skinny as fuck because she can actually stand and doesn’t need the motorized scooter to get around….


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Kate Upton “alleged” Leaked Pics on Reddit of the Day

I am going to assume Kate Upton’s boyfriend’s phone was hacked and that not all these girls are Kate Upton, but some of them clearly are, and she’s not half as bad as she is in bikinis, because I guess her fat when not strapped and harnessed in, is less offensive and less pig like…

I still feel like I’m watching the nature channel…or babe pig in the bedroom…but I am an asshole.


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Kate Upton Covered Up in Elle of the Day

When you’re given a fat model…you gotta make magic…by covering her the fuck up…

And that’s exactly what ELLE did…they are like “Shit, we have to book Kate Upton to keep a good relationship with the agency, and she’s relevant, but she’s so fucking fat, we shoot models, we’re not used to this”…

Then some fag, comes up with the genius “let’s cover that monster up”…”throw cake at her to distract her, she’ll have no fucking clue”….

To see her massive fat girl tits at the Detroit Tigers/Yankees game CLICK HERE

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Kate Upton Must be Pregnant of the Day

I’ve been calling Kate Upton a pic since day one. I have been getting hate mail for calling Kate Upton a pig since day one. I was just fascinated how someone with average looks and a really shitty body could get as far as she did. Then I found out that her grandfather invented the Washing Machine, that she was rich as fuck, and I guess rich girls know people, and those people, hooked a sister up…

So all my seemingly hateful things I said about Kate Upton, were really me just trying to make sense of her. Knowing tits that big would have a belly and ass that would catch up…but maybe, just maybe she’d take all the criticism to heart, stop eating, start working out and really show kids how to be hot and healthy all at the same time…

But apparently, she was more into the cash grab, take all the jobs she can get and then land a pro Athlete, because they run in the same circles, seeing as she’s a Sports Illustrated model…then settle down and have kids because despite saying she’s 22, she has the body of a 38 year old about to use up her last egg…

But here she is, walking the streets for the paparazzi…in what looks like Maternity wear….up on some Roseanne Barr during the fat years kick…

Is it possible that she’s pregnant, or is she just fat?

Who Knows. Who Cares…well I guess Justin Verlander from the Detroit Tigers does….

Who Knows. Who Cares…well I guess Justin Verlander from the Detroit Tigers who are 2-1 favorites TONIGHT and not whether Kate Upton is Fat or Pregnant, because even if she’s pregnant – she’s still too fat to be a top model and with every picture taken of her – she mocks the entire industry. Now stare at her big everything and love it, or hate….just know it exists.

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Kate Upton Sloppy in a Bikini of the Day

Kate Upton’s tits are ridiculous and not necessarily in a good way, even it is a mesmerizing way…

My friends over at FAMOUSMISFORTUNE posted this pretty funny TOP 10 on Kate Upton in a bikini , reminding me that I am not alone in thinking that this fatty is too sloppy and fat for bikini model fame.

She is a big girl, a very very big girl, and I don’t know what kind of message she’s sending to the kids when she is celebrated by dudes everywhere, but I am thinking DIABETES.

I am all for girls to get half naked, and I am all for big fat tits, I just don’t like seeing the rest of her sloppy body in action. I am not the kind of guy who can ignore it and just fixate on the tits. I wish I was, because then I’d be able to understand why she is considered one of the hottest girls out there, or an “It” girl, when anyone with eyes can tell, that she’s more the kind of girl who doesn’t like fitness, but does like eating a lot…and weighs more than two average it girls.

I can make fun of her, point and laugh, stare at her tits, and ultimately, not care…I mean I’ve been calling her overrated and fat since day one. It doesn’t change how much money she makes or who works with her. It just confuses me.

You blue collar pervert dudess love this shit, she’s skinny compare to the pigs you fuck, I get it…but I don’t get why the fashion industry, or any industry is catering to your broke ass…



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The Kate Upton Pussy Flash is Real of the Day

So it turns out that SI Swim, the blog run by the people at Sports Illustrated, did in fact post the unedited picture of Kate Upton’s pussy….and that my speculating that due to her barrel-like body, she’s have a fatter vagina, and that the vagina in picture was just a cut and paste job from a creepy nerd who makes his favorite celebs and models naked…because they have no friends…but if that was the case, why would it be on SI Swim…

Meaning, their lawyers will be out to get me and everyone else to take down the pic as soon as they catch on…even though they are the idiots who posted the pic accidental..even though I don’t think anything is ever accidental…it’s just some amazing underpaid working saying Fuck the World…in the best way possible..through over rated girls’ clit hood..

It’s just a vagina, no big deal, but I still prefer knowing what ever girl’s vagina looks like rather than being left in the dark, even if said girl is a monster like Kate Upton…

Either way, I repeat, the vag shot is real….Thanks to one of our friends for pointing it out…


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Kate Upton Vagina Of the DAy

The rumor is that this now famous picture of Kate Upton body painted for SI SWIM includes her full on vagina, because like her, her vagina is hungry and eats through body paint.

Apparently, SI Posted this yesterday…I didn’t see it on their site…

I have a hard time believing this is legit, only because I’ve seen so many girls body painted over the years, and they all wear some maxi pad looking thing over their pussy…trust me, I always look to the pussy…and never see it…

So I don’t see why SI wouldn’t make Kate Upton wear that…and even if they didn’t, Kate Upton has an awkward and weird chubby body, and it is photoshopped in this picture, so is her face, making me wonder how the pussy just got overlooked…It makes no fucking sense….Leave it all but the pussy…

Kate Upton fans, I assume this is a fucking dream…a dream much like Kate Upton’s of a world with endless all you can eat buffet….

I guess the only way for the truth to really come out is for Kate Upton to show us her pussy, one I assume has fatter outer lips and less clit hood sticking out..It would be irresponsible for me to not post this, but I am convinced this is a lie….but a good marketing strategy for everyone involved…

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Kate Upton The Men Magazine of the Day

Kate Upton put her big tits to good use, as she does some magazine called The Man Magazine, which I guess creates sexist content for men, that make treat us like tit loving, 6-pack ab wanting, trying to get laid, idiots…as men magazines do…I’ve never heard of the magazine, because I am more about looking at girl’s assholes, working on getting as fat as I can without dying, and prefer my face smothered by hookers than sex with sluts I meet in a club…I guess I’m not a generic man, designed to live the life the media wants me to….

Either way, they photo shopped her so hard that she looked like a Sears catalog, despite being a buffet owner’s worst nightmare, the kind of girl who throws off their pricing model by eating all the fucking food….

But I guess when she’s photoshopped her tits look less sloppy and that’s a good thing…

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