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Emily Rat Cow’s 2012 Tits of the Day


Emily Ratajkowski still exists. We call her Rat Cow, but she’s not that boy, I mean she’s hardly a cow, she’s more of a bird, but I guess a rat face is like a bird face, all pointy and terrifying…with red eyes fixated on manipulating you into thinking she’s hot or giving her work as an actress – supported by some great fucking tits….

I am not a misogynist who boils down a woman’s worth to her tits, but some women like Em Rat Cow do it for us…it’s like “I have great tits, real or fake you’ll never know, but they’re great, so love me, hire me, keep me relevant”…

It’s the same story, she is unremarkable as a personality…but maybe her being raised in an artist family in souther California makes her less annoying as a person that she comes across in her public, barely relevant but till getting invited places existence.

She seems like an only child, spoiled brat, overly fed positive affirmations from her parents allowing her to go manipulate the world at a young age…but I guess thats looking to deep into her, trying to find value or purpose…when really, like she’s always telling us, she’s just tits….great tits..

These are from 2012.



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Em Rat Cow Rubbing Her Pussy on her Boyfriend’s Head of the Day


Rat Cow does anything she can for a little attention.

She is level zero in talent, she’s got nothing to offer and her face is fucking mangled and weird.

The only redeeming thing about her is her huge fake tits on her skinny frame, which I guess she’s well aware of because she’s made her career being what the UK has been doing for decades – TITTY GLAMOUR MODELS….only Rat Cow’s not that Glamour….

I don’t hate her for doing what she does, she’s making money and doesn’t need to work, I just hate that people buy into her and think she’s this amazing thing…oh right…no one does that…they just see her tits and her instagram following and follow her and give her work because I guess that’s all we really need in this world of iphone pics making slutty girls millions.

I know she’s probably on the outs, but she’s still whoring and that is something we should all support….you know the bootleg model, bootleg actress, bootleg porn chick, bootleg instagram personality combined…makes this…

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Em Rat Cow and Kim Kardashian Milking Them Tits of the Day

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 3.55.47 PM

These two hookers are trolling us, or maybe milking their tits and “friendship”, for a little publicity, because sister hookers need to have each other’s backs…

Kim K and Emily Ratajkowski are both sex workers who have uses their sex work in a manipulative way to become “relevant” in pop culture, in an era where social media and good timing to create or rebrand them into something brands want to use, despite being sex workers, which makes no sense to me coming from an era where sex workers were pigeonholed.

The rumor I heard and believe is that Em Rat Cow has been fucking Kanye his entire marriage to Kim K, because they are just in it for business. She met him on a music video shoot and seduced him with her tits….prior to the Blurred Lines tit video…and he flew her around the world to fuck, while Kim K was whoring at home…

These are all opportunist cunts, so maybe this is some sister wife shit, or maybe Kim is showing who the alpha den mother is, or maybe just maybe they are all in this together on the scam…because it’s about money.

The fact that two uneducated retard set of tits are trying to intellectualize how their tits empowered them to become millionaires…dragging this bullshit from a few weeks ago out, when they are both TERRIBLE influences on girls or the youth…

I’m not mad that they exist, I actually don’t care, I just think they represent a lot that is wrong in the world, mainly that average looking girls can get ahead…but on the flip side, I love that girls starting out their adult lives at 18 think filming themselves fuck is the way to get ahead…cuz I’ll watch…

Omg they are giving the finger…they are so hard with their floor lamp to light them int he bathroom and giving the “fuck you”….this is what the free world is about..

Some people need to disappear – these are two of them…

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Em Rat Cow Tormenting Me with Pugs of the Day


Emily Ratajkowski is a sensitive soul, at least when it comes to her, she hates being made fun of, while most of these self involved narcissists who love making duck faces and staring at themselves in the mirror. The kind of girl who you catch watching herself on her phone, staring at herself through her camera phone…and she’s made a lucrative career out of it…while most girls like her just expect it to happen for them…without work..all part of that thinking they are amazing, self love, bullshit…

I’ve made fun of her consistently since day one, but that doesn’t mean I hate her, I don’t even know her or care about her. I just see her as tits, who pull out their tits, which is awesome, but ruined because the tits aren’t given credit they deserve and she thinks she actually has talent beyond her tits, making for a very terrible place..

But It turns out that her family has a pug, and I have a pug, and I live for my pug, and love all pugs, to the point that when I see one I point and scream “PUG” like a 4 year old girl, or a retard, or a bieber fan in concert…you know what I’m saying…and that is for the first time, I’ve genuinely felt emotion beyond “I get what the whore is doing for attention with those tits” by looking at her pics, and I feel so tormented, but not really, as a pug lover I’ve known that Pugs make all situations, even shitty ones, perfect…but then you realize that the Pug is probably her pug she abandoned at her parent’s house when she decided to go get famous, and that just makes her a Pug abandoner and we hate those more than we hate pug haters…

Pugs are very important..

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Em Rat Cow Nipples for a Jewelry Line of the Day

Obviously the one trick not that hot, aging badly, trying too hard, great tits we call EM RAT COW, are pulling out her tits for the shoot I posted a bunch of pics of yesterday, because her tits are all she knows, or all we really should know, because she uses them to distract us, the old slight of hand, while she’s out jerking off dudes to get jobs….or whatever it is that she does..

But desperate, lazy, repetitive or not, she’s still got awesome tits, that I can’t imagine are real tits, but that have paid off for her 100 times if they’re not…

She’s got nothing much to offer, but that body is something else…

The good news is that there are other hot girls out there, so when this one gets a reality check and realizes she’s not important and that she’s replaceable, I think she’ll be in a more desperate place.

Why does some 1000 dollar shitty jewelry company need tits to promote their shit – with nipples – seems trashy..but it is because it is all that Emrata does that’s why you hire her because she’s a trashy stripper..just look at that belly button…

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Em Rat Cow is So Busted of the Day


I didn’t want to post this pics, or endorse or support Em Rat Cow more than I already have, not because I hate her, I just think she’s overrated garbage that belongs in a strip club, unless her parents are rich, in which case dancing in the bottle service booth with other rich guys she fucks…

I don’t think she should be in movies or TV, because some misguided (word of the day) producer fucked her, likes her tits, or thinks Hype means dollar signs…even if the hype is just social media hype, not real hype, or talent or compelling anything, but tits…

Sure tits have historically got girls so far ahead, but we are in a world where we have options and just because these tits got millions of followers by being tits, doesn’t mean all the other tits out there don’t matter…so next time you see some tits, tell those tits you care, and that Em Rat Cow and her shitty face, even if she’s not a shitty person, but probably is, isn’t the only tits in the world, despite what Em Rat Cow is trying to say…or thinks…

She’s just like TILA TEQUILA from myspace, millions of followers, give her a show, let her ride hight 2-4 years, before self destructing because bitch never had it, it was all inflated lies…

She’s Had her 5 minutes – give it to someone else goddamn it..

THAT SAID…she’s got an amazing body.

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Em Rat Cow Face and Tits of the Day


Emily Ratajkowski (RAT COW), has been making news today, thanks to Kim Kardashian sending her flowers. Weird.

The flowers weren’t the weird part. They were some bullshit thanking for Rat Cow for standing up for her in her quest to be an empowered woman by getting naked and celebrating her body…a body created by plastic surgery and filters…which in and of itself isn’t empowered at all…it’s just freakish vanity…and turning to Em Rat Cow who is doing the EXACT same thing as Kim, getting naked, pretending to be empowered, because she gets paid, when really she’s just sexualizing herself, is just evidence of how intellectual these cunts are…

The weird thing is that Em Rat Cow is a girl who got her break in a Kanye Video a few years ago….who before Blurred Lines video, was being flown around to meet Kanye to fuck…including when Kanye was with Kim K….

I guess it is all bullshit lies, just marketing, and if I know Kanye fucks Em Rat Cow, so does Kim K, but why care, when it can be leveraged for marketing purposes…

So many idiots..


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Emily Ratajkowski’s 1800 View video of the Day

I like tracking irrelevance…especially when that irrelevance is in the form of an ego, who thinks she’s important and of value, and who charges brands a lot of money to promote their products, like a bootleg Kardashian who likely has the same plastic surgeon, because of that whole being LA thing…

So Em Rata was an instagram model, who wasn’t even really that good at instagram, who cleverly did a nude shoot because she has great tits, and those tits changed her fucking life, they got her in a music video, put her on the map and got her fucked by Ben Affleck for his movie, totally legitimizing her…garnering millions of fan…not including me, since she blocked me…

And now this mall brand called Express put out a video of her 14 days ago, which is a lifetime in internet terms…

And it got 1800 views…

1800 people out of her “engaged”, obsessed, fan base watched the video…because no one fucking cares bitch, just keep showing us the tits..

At least, for her, she managed to trick this brand to probably bay her 100,000 dollars or more, when she converts for shit…

The end is near…because she’s not even hot…she’s just a fucking lie…a lie no one believes in…except maybe her boyfriend she probably cheats on….for opprotunity…because take what your bird face can get…right…I say stick to showing us your tits.

Here are the shitty pics..

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Em Rat Cow Naked of the Day…


Emily Rat Cow is trying so fucking hard to maintain the celebrity that she has, and the reality is that people still follow her on social media, so that alone will carry her, make her money and get her jobs, because brands and companies like to advertise on people with followers…

That doesn’t mean she’s not a one Trick Trick…her Only Skill is Naked…her only talent…naked…and that is probably the most basic of human skills…meaning there’s very little depth to her, but who cares about her depth, when we’re more interested in her peaks….

She’s probably got one of the nicest sets of fake tits this side of Sahara Ray….

I’m just eager for her hollywood gigs to stop, so that she gets back to me on the pitches I’ve pitched her on like sex tapes and getting her pussy moulded for male masturbators…since the people would LOVE to fuck Em Rat Cow – but she acts too good for it…for now…all things come to an end…and she’s not going to be the exception to the rule…

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Em Rat Cow for T-Shirts of the Day


Em Rat Cow is a vile, disgusting, egotistical, narcissist, who feels like she should be Jennifer Lawrence, when she’s really just some softcore pornstar who should be doing actual porn, it’ll have more sustainability than nude instagram model in a world full of instagram models..

I mean yes, she wants to be a serious comedic actress, but she’s a fucking nude instagram model….that I can’t imagine anyone really gives a fuck about…and they really don’t, I mean it’s easy to think guys following a bitch for having big tits….tits that this mall brand store is not using to their full potential, but I appreciate their aggressive photoshopping of her face…because all I see is an ugly overrated cunt.

But she’s got good tits…right…

She was at an event, here she is, because she’s important enough to go to events…




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Emily Ratajkowski Naked for Instagram Like a Whore of the Day


Emily Ratajkowski was ignored by Sports Illustrated swimsuit because I am sure there was a scheduling issue, or maybe, just maybe they realize she’s old news, uninteresting overrated garbage who they don’t even want to bother using to promote their brand, and who they’d rather use some no name, because this one is played out…

But that doesn’t stop her from getting naked on the internet like a low level cam girl that she was supposed to be…

Things just got confusing along the way, and she ended up in 2-3 Hollywood movies thanks to her vagina…

Forcing her back to the drawing board of naked on the internet, like an exhibitionist and narcissist that she is, only more like the flasher in the park…sure you it’s boring, it’s some put some pants on and do something and/or film yourself get fucked for VIVID, but this being naked is just anti-climatic, going no where and a sad sad cry for attention, not that her sex is any better, she looks like the worst fuck EVER.

She’s garbage, she’s the rat cow, she’s on the outs. See you later cunt.

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What Emily Ratajkowski Actually Looks Like of the Day


Emily Ratajkowski is alot of hype, pretty much because she knows her angles. Bitch is a lie.

You’d be surprised at how shitty most of these bitches look in person, they are just fantasy, or lie, thanks to relatively decent, yet cheesy selfies and photos as they pretend to play model, in a properly timed era when that was a thing…and people fucking cared, before every famewhore on social media realized…that they could just do it themselves..

In more interesting news, here’s her boyfriend she likely cheats on had his fly down…


Fascinating stuff…


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Emily Ratajkowski is More Than Just Tits of the Day

Emily Ratajkowski - Poolside pic - LA - 24012016

Emily Ratajkowski is an instagram model who scammed her way into a couple of movies even though she can’t act..where she pretty much played herself and the producers either wanted to fuck her when she was at her peak…and gave her the part they new required no talent..but she’s mainly an instagram model…

That’s not to say she doesn’t have a great body, even if the autheticity of her body, and I guess her lips are questionable…she obviously does, but it’s to say so many girls followed her lead and are doing what she does, making her a lot less interesting that when she started getting naked in photoshoots…

Meaning, she’s on the decline, and she knows it, but I guess she’s been working on her ass, thinking “Maybe this body part will open some doors”…that will lead to her opening up her legs and / or spreading said ass for any job she can get…because no one likes to HIT big and hard…and dissipate to no one gives a fuck…since no one gives a fuck about anything these days…but bikini pics still get semi-noticed…so keep up the good hustle…it’s this type of bottom feeding and laziness that will end up with a sex tape…fingers crossed

You can put a whore in movies, but you can’t put movies in whores, I mean I guess you could with enough lube if they were in DVD form…but you get what I’m saying…she’s crying for attention…”LOOK AT HER “…that’s what she wants…

I guess what I am saying, since I don’t mind looking at her body, and really have seen her entire career as the first site to really post her photoshoots, even though she’s unappreciative….is that I hope for her case that the next movie she does is critically acclaimed and her performance is brilliant..It’s called “CRUISE” and is by the guy who did “The Wrestler”….because she’s at the make it or break it…fade into old, played out Lohan status…because people get bored…even looking at ass in a bikini…

That’s all I have to say about that..

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Emily Ratajkowski’s Big Tits in a Dress of the Day


I blame Emily Ratajkowski for being one of the first instagram models to make it in the world, she books Hollywood movies, and all she ever really do was pose naked in LA for some of the right rich perverts…

I don’t think she needs to be punished for this, I mean she’s got to live with herself and knowing that without her tits she’s nothing for the rest of her life. She’ll have to know that her accomplishments are no better than the accomplishments of pornstars, but instead maybe she needs a thank you, because like Kim Kardashian before her, she gives hope to average looking girls that they can make it too. That if they get naked and have one marketable feature…they can make it too…and thanks to her being first to market, she gets the jobs, while these other girls scramble…and as they scramble I get to watch all their cries for help through nudity…and even EMRATA, when feeling insecure or ugly, puts out slutty pics…it’s all she knows…

Long live the sluts..

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Emily Ratajkowski Spread Leg Bikini Pic of the Day


I wonder if Emily Ratajkowski senses that the end is near for a talentless girl with big tits…because the world just doesn’t give a fuck about her, she’s never done anything interesting that we could really get emotionally attached to, and in instead just an interchangeable set of tits, who will only get cast in movies, which is her objective, because the casting director is too lazy to dig a little deeper…and figure “she’s got a lot of followers thanks to her tits, she can’t be all that bad an option”…

I am convinced that 2016 will be the year that the 1000s of other girls just as hot as Emily Ratajkowski, overshadow Emily Ratajkowski….because tits are just tits…when they don’t do much more than this…laying in a bikini….

I mean fake or not, relevant or not, talented or not, cool or interesting or not…that’s a serious fucking body…weird belly button at all…but it’s still older than it was, more tired than it was, as lazy as it always was, and we can just google to see her pussy, so why bother with her really…

Because she posts pussy definition and side lip on social media – that I’ve been blocked on – even though she used to email me her photoshoots to post – unappreciative cunt – that’s why.


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