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Em Rat Cow in Her Underwear Showing Off Her Vaginal Belly Button of the Day


Em Rat Cow is overrated and she knows it…she’s talentless and she knows it…she’s basically won the lottery and dragged out that 15 minutes for what has been a couple of years….all from getting naked in this SHOOT…4 years ago…check out the holes hole…

It’s allowed her to book movies, campaigns, she’s even been in Vogue…what the fuck…right…a Glamour model from a viral video, that may have been paid less than 100,000 dollars and even if she got paid millions……it’s all because of her tits…tits that she’s still riding…best 10,000 dollars she’s invested in….

So she’s posting panty pics…because it’s so normal to show everyone your daily underwear…when you’re a prostitute in need of atttention….and her body is still rockin’…

Here’s Sahara Ray Doing the Emily Ratjakowski, which is low level fame whoring, hoping that it works out of her, and I guess it kinda has…Topless for Terry Richardson….probably old pics, but I’ll post them anyway because I don’t know when these pics were taken…but I do know that I send her facebook messages she ignores like:

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 4.30.53 PM

Here are the tit pics…

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Some Overrated Rat Cow Nude of the Day


Emily Ratajkowski makes me laugh…you’d assume she’d have expired by now and that no one would care about her now…but yet she’s still doing nude shoots for atteention…

She gets naked as often as she can, it’s her marketing strategy that works…because her fake tits are so crucial to everything that is her career and existence..because her fake tits are so almost not fake that they are great to look at…while the rest of her is average at best…but with the fake tits that may not be fake but that are fake or aren’t they fake that make her above average…

Which is awesome, for her…for us…for everyone….because her body is…hot…

She’s just proof that you don’t need talent to get work…something we already knew before…you just need followers and all you need to get followers is to get naked and own that naked…and that’s just great…

She came along and made it work for her..while barely working…but more importantly, she helped many men come…because they like tits.

She’s the TILA TEQUILA of the instagram generation…and I think I love her, but only cuz she hates me..something I like it girls I love..

Pics by Mark Sacro

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The Tits from the Blurred Lines Video is in VOGUE of the Day


How does this even happen? Oh right…the internet…

The Tits from the Blurred Lines Video is in VOGUE USA…and she’s not even showing off her fake tits, her fake lips, her fake everything that she designed to get to this level of celebrity….

I would argue that she isn’t talent and that she doesn’t deserve any of this, she’s just been clever in how she works the photogaphers who want her instagram followers….I know she’s done movies and all that nonsense, but she’s uninteresting, and barely a celebrity, but rather just an instagram model who has tricked a few people due to tits…

She had the right timing and went viral…probably in more way than one..yes AIDS….or at least herpes, it’s a small price to pay to get cast..

I just wish there was more substance to her, more excitement, more than just tits, even though I don’t mind celebrating a woman who has identified herself to the world as just tits…I would just be amazed if this career leads to anything more substantial than where it’s at now…because she’s boring, we’ve seen her naked, replace her with a young one.

All this to say, pretty shitty editorial shoot for the big break in Vogue, who are clearly desperate for attention…

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The Tits From Blurred Lines Posts before Nose, Lips and Tit Surgery Pic of the Day


I don’t think that The Tits From Blurred Lines is ever news….she’s just a set of fake tits, fake lips, fake nose overrated garbage…with zero to no talent…on a quest to be famous…and it seems to be working out pretty well for her…

I don’t find The Tits From Blurred Lines hot, beautiful, intriguing…

But I do like that before she was famous, after I posted one of her low level nude photoshoots she did to get noticed, she went out of her way to tell me her tits and lips are real…

I have been doing the site for over a decade, and not once did a low level ever reach out to correct me on my claims her tits, because they don’t move, and lips, because they are fake and because my friend told me she gets them done at her dad’s clinic…are real…

I though “that’s pretty defensive of a bitch, it must be true”….

Since then, she’s gone onto ignore me because she got what she needed, attention…that went viral…and I’m convinced the end is near for her career-wise, there are too many hot girls out there…but I could be wrong, I am always wrong, and even if she went on to be Alba…who fucking cares….

It’s just nice to point out that based on the pic she posted…I call fake everything…and stand by it…even when she denies it…

Garbage…yes…but her parents don’t have upper lips…


Natural tits don’t do this…


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The Tits from Blurred Lines in GQ UK of the Day


I did a post on Emily Ratajkowski, The Tits from Blurred Lines in GQ UK, months ago….but I didn’t post all the pictures and since she’s the most amazinged, talented, sent from heaven to grace the entertainment industry with razor sharp skill, professionalism, and compelling ability to really turn her breasts from nude glamour model, turned instagram model to respected actress….because to be a respected actress who reminds us that Jessica Alba and so many token hot girls in movies before her…didn’t have talent either…and that you just need to focus on what’s important…whether her tits or mouth are real….not that I can really tell, she’s blocked me on all social media because she clearly doesn’t like me…and you know that it’s her personally blocking me off the shit..because she’s not that rich and famous to have handlers…

I had a conversation with someone the other day about The Tits from Blurred Lines in GQ UK, who was mad that I said her career is over, he said I was wrong to think that people have moved on, because I guess he thinks she’s hot and I guess didn’t understand that I am not an authority on anything, I just predict her being over, because she is old news…boring, I’ve seen her naked….but that doesn’t mean Hollywood thinks she’s over even if she’s old news…they seem to like recycling garbage…it’s the west coast way of lige..

So here are The Tits from Blurred Lines in GQ UK from September issue on the last day of September…

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The Tits from the Blurred Lines Videos of the Day


The tits from the Blurred Lines videos…exists…

She’s gone to Fashion week…and she brought her tits….

It’s funny when a nude model, who wasn’t even a model, but more a girl with fake tits who got naked for one dude, landed a music video…where she showed those fake tits cuz she’s got that shit down…she can handle the whole getting topless…it’s easy, she’s practiced…

Now, she frowns on that past, like it never happened, because it’s convenient, and no one likes admitting they are nothing more than a set of tits, especially when they are just a set of tits..she’s above that, because she’s scammed her way into movies because of her tits…and can pretend they are big stars…big titty stars..

Fuck this garbage…


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Emily Ratajkowski’s Tits Were in a Movie of the Day


Emily Ratajkowski, the tits from the blurred line videos, decided to show off her fake tits at the premiere of her movie named after a Daft Punk song, which I guess is based on the breaking point where EDM broke through to the mainstream and all the top 40 dancing frat boys and their sorority sisters….turned into pill popping ravers….something I unfortunately saw happening, not because I was huge into the EDM scene, I just appreciated the electronic music, crackhead scene before it became a keg stand party, with bros having overdoses….

That said….I guess Emily Rat plays a DJ whore, or Groupie, which is a stretch for her…

Because she didn’t get her career by fucking Kanye, Ben Affleck or David Fincher…or even the casting dude at the Blurred lines video that made her…there’s no way she would do something like that…she’s just a natural fake titty talent who’s made it on her own….in this hard world…filled with hotter and more talented girls than her….

That said….I think it’s funny that all the raver kids I know in LA are actually going to the premiere, like this is a glimpse into their party days, starring Zac Effron…by a dude who probably never partied but say that DJs are the new rockstar so it makes sense…

Just so many scams everywhere, but I still appreciate cleavage…I’m basic…if only all birds in the park had implants…would make throwing bread at them have more purpose..

Here she is at the premiere being overrated CLICK HERE

Here’s more pics of her doing press for this cheese in another titty dress because tits are her friends.and she’s no one’s friend….unless you can help her get ahead. … CLICK HERE

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The Tits from Blurred Lines Discussing Her Fame of the Day

I wasn’t on the Good Morning America set, listening to Emily Ratajkowski discussing her career, her fame, and her upcoming shit movie, we hope is her last…

But I assume she’s saying something like …

“And then I pulled out my fake tits, that look like real tits, but that are fake tits, just good fakes, and the photographer said, I’m friends with Robin Thicke, he needs tits for a new video, so I pulled out my tits, and they filmed me, and I went viral, and it confused the industry into thinking I had talent, and I got a meeting with Ben Affleck who fucked me like I was the nanny, and now this, Good Monring America, I’ve made it”…

But probably less words…because that’s giving her too much credit..it was proabbly more like..

“Hi, do you want me to pull out my tits, no no let me pull out my tits, that’s my move”….


She’s also in Grazia because the movie company has marketing budget…

She’s also in Harper’s because the movie company has marketing budget…where she was photoshopped…hard…

Proving acting is a solid scam…

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The Tits from Blurred Lines Video in a Towel of the Day


The Tits from Blurred Lines Video wore a towel for Mario Testino, who is a famous photographer, and towel fetishist who takes a picture of every girl he is paid to shoot in a towel, that he publishes into a towel book, that the client who paid for him and for the “talent” or in this case “the tits”…gets no part of, because he’s a double dipping opportunist…and who really cares that he’s self serving, when he takes mediocre pictures of important people and in this case “the tits from a music video two years ago”….

What I am trying to say is that this picture would be more interesting if “The Tits from Blurred Lines Video” was acting more in line with her skillset and showing The Tits from Blurred Lines Video….not covering it up…She’s the worst…

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The Tits from Blurred Lines in GQ of the Day


The Tits from Blurred Lines are on a bit of a media blitz, because she’s so low level, she needs to keep up momentum, otherwise people will forget about her.

She’s the stripper money of “celebrity”, you know, it comes easy and fast…by making dudes cum, and it’s gets spent on Chanel Purses and cocaine…pretty quick.

Meaning, easy come, easy go…she got famous quick, for her tits, people loved her tits, and tits have only so much sustainability, even if they are compelling tits, it’s easy to forget those tits when other tits come along, unless they keep up the media…like this…

I feel bad for her, but not really, I feel bad for her boyfriend, who I assume she cheats on in her quest to be as famous as possible…and I’m glad to say…she’s got great tits, even if they are implants, and thats enough reason to spend 4 seconds noticing her.

Boring shoot, she barely matters, but she’s here.

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The Tits from Blurred Lines Video in a “Deleted” Instagram of the Day


I love when “The Tits from Blurred Lines Video” releases a half naked pictures of herself for a few hours on her instagram….probably when the people at instagram are off work, so that her account doesn’t get deleted like she was a pornographer, because she is a pornographer, just strategic in her pornography, giving it to her fans in little packets, making you feel like you need to follow her so you don’t miss anything….

But the truth is, she blocked me years ago, and I still live the same life I lived back when I did follow her, since these girls don’t fucking matter, even if they think they do.

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Emily Ratajkowski’s Greasy Clown Face of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 1.36.38 PM

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 1.37.48 PM

Like the rest of you, I get distracted by Emily Ratajkowski’s tits…even if I normally refer to her as “The Tits from the Blurred Lines Video”…and in getting distracted by her tits…that I am 98% sure are fake…because I saw a video of her in a car and the entire tit shook like it was one cohesive unit, rather than the jiggle of natural fat cells like natural tits…but still fantastic tits regardless of how much they cost…

I like calling her out as a talentless set of tits, because she is a talentless set of tits, and I am amazed she’s been able to take her instagram modeling so mainstream, like into movies….all because the film industry is scrambling and the sites picked up on her and they just assumed that this is what we want…

But sometimes, I get side tracked and think – “she is actually really not that bad to look at, that body alone is amazing”…you know…despite being aware of the lie that is her…I still get hazy and unclear…

But to solve that issue and to see clairity for what it is, I’ve cropped her face at events just to show how clown-like, cartoony, definitely filled it is…

Because without her tits, when she’s just a floating head…she’s really average at best, if not even weird looking..but I’d still let her sit on my face, and not in hopes of tasting Ben Affleck residue, but beccase she’s hot enough for me – even if overrated in the grand scene of things…but then again, I’ve had sex with rotting meats maybe hot enough for me – means nothing.

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 1.37.55 PM

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 1.38.09 PM


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The Tits from the Blurred Lines Video in a Bikini of the Day


I would say that Emily Ratajkowski has figured out that the more bikini pics she posts to social media…the more likes she’ll get…the more relevant she’ll remain…

But as a girl who’s career is based on her getting naked in a music video, I’m pretty sure she’s realized that one…and that the last year has been her trying to figure out how to distance herself from being the naked big tits…like Kim K does with her sex tape…only with less public penetration…Emily Ratajkowski is a lady and only does that behind closed doors and her boyfriend’s back for jobs…I mean he was (rumored to be) Ben Affleck..right…that warrants a “Hall Pass”…

As you fade into obscurity…you gotta bring back what works..and it works..because she’s got a great fucking body…that you don’t deserve to be looking at…but she’s getting paid thanks to you to looking at it…so I guess you do…

All this to say…I still like looking at her….pics….she looks good….and that’s enough for me in this empty life I live…



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Emily Ratajkowski’s Bikini Body of the Day


Emily Ratajkowski, the tits from the blurred lines video, who really played the media amazingly, and who has managed to make what I assume is a lot of money, or at least taken herself to a pretty powerful place in social media, where casting directors for movies like Entourage, and the movie she was rumored to have had sex with Ben Affleck to get, because I guess he saw the music video too…book her because they think she matters..

I think we’re a society that doesn’t spend more than 1 minute on any story, or any person, we don’t even dig deeper into the story to see what is real and what isn’t, we just blindly accept things…which will probably help Emily Ratajkowski continue to exist as the amazing body she is…it’s like cast her, she’s relevant…but the fact is that she’s not actually relevant, no one actually cares, here she is in a bikini in Europe looking better than ever, but still whatever, another chick in a bikini…

I guess what I am saying is that I don’t believe she’ll even Alba level of bad actor…and I don’t think she’s be Jennifer Lawrence level of celebrated actor…but I do believe she’ll use her tits until she doesn’t have tits anymore…typical hustle that would be interesting to see how sustainable it is…but that no one will bother waiting around to see…we’re already onto the next set of tits…our brains like the tabs in our browsers…

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The Tits from Blurred Line Video in One of her Last Campaigns of the Day


In case you were wondering, Emily Ratajkowski may not be relevant anymore, people may have forgotten she exists, she may still be getting some shitty little we jobs in the process of falling off, and she may be getting cameo’s in movies that are out of touch and just trying to tackle what they assume people are into…without actually knowing what people are into…and she’s still got tits.

Which pretty much means, she’ll be ok…

Not because a woman is defined by her tits, her relevance defined by her tits, her existene defined by her tits…I am a firm believer that women are amazing, and can be smart and powerful and inspiring…but not so much when they lower their worth to their tits..because when they do..they become just tits…and I guess in Emily Ratajkowski’s case..they are pretty good tits….

I wouldn’t mind catching her as she falls, you know with my mouth…even though I’m sure she’s been in some weird places…in this short lived career.

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