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Rat Cow Opens Her Mouth to Demonstrate Why She Only Opens Her Mouth When The Lights are Out of the Day

Here is a very important life lesson brought to you by Emily Ratajkowski this monday morning…and that is that it’s better to keep your mouth shut if you look more birdfaced than you already do…when you try to smile…you know save those mouth openings for job auditions / castings / and attempting to get work to polarize and legitimize being a low level, despite the money you make, model….when really you’re just a set of tits, reduced to a set of tits, that she’d probably hate ever admitting, because it takes away from all the hard work she’s done – that only gets noticed due to her tits….

I guess it’s also aspirational, because you know if you do have tits and an average at best face, something most girls with tits can attest to, people will celebrate you, and thanks to angles, the internet, clever photo tricks, angles, duck face on the bird face, you can make that weird face look like it’s pensive, pouty, just been fucked, confused, sweet, delicate…..because the internet is a lie…

NOW…if you’ve ever online dated, you’ll know the fatties are less fat in the profile pics, the faces less mangled, it’s the internet motherfuckers, sure people don’t troll te way they used to, anonymously, they troll as themselves…and here’s some Rat Cow trollin’ as she continues to get paid.

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Rat Cow Does Bikini Fame Whoring of the Day

Rat Cow irritates me….I mean sure, she’s got a great set of tits, a great body, a mouth she probably puts to good use sucking celebrity cock, while maintaining a relationship with her boyfriend she carts around the world where she is attempting to polarize her existence to be a socialite, not a titty model, when we all know she’s just the Instagram version of Tila Tequila and we know how that ended….it ended…because this shit ends…it’s fleeting and she’s old news..

So she can stage paparazzi pics, she can get invites to fashion week, she can make her millions a year – from social media following…and she deserves it, she’s done it, she built it…but that doesn’t mean she’s awesome, or cool, or interesting…it means she’s a tactical user, who knows how to use her tits, and I guess that alone is amazing…and I guess…I shouldn’t be irritated by her….or that She’s a low level titty model because titty models…no matter how low level or well followed they are…still have tits I like looking at…And if your soul purpose is to have an audience and sell product as you polarize yourself….

I do like calling her Rat Cow though…cuz she is a rat and besides her tits – that’s my favorite thing about this cheesy fucking promo model people still like because people don’t unfollow people…

I prefer her nude selfies she leaked for attention….. CLICK HERE TO SEE THEM

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Em Rat Cow Sues Gallery For Promoting her Pre-Famous Nudes Because She’s the Worst of the Day

Castor Galley cease1-3

This is a pretty funny story that I doubt is a publicity stunt for the artist, Jonathan Leder, but might as well make it one because we like him and his photos. He was pre-instagram 60s and 70s inspired nude photos of hot models, before every girl was a nude model and every guy with a camera was a photographer who was channeling 60s and 70s Playboy / Penthouse…

He shot with Rat Cow early in her attempt at a career that worked out for her. She did nude pics with him and now that he’s trying to show his photos that she’s part of – because she shot with him – she’s suing…

She doesn’t want some dude who shot her when she was using him, to use those images to make money for him, because giving back is not something this cunt believes in. She wants her piece of the action…..which I guess could be seen as smart business…but I call it not being very nice to people she needed to get where she got.

That said, Emily Rat Cow has been a consistent girl I make fun of on the site. I have issues with her, because I was around in the early to the Rat Cow hustle, not the super early because I never pay attention to the names of girls before they get some success, but before any of the mainstream sites were posting her, before she was in the media, in an era when she had shot with a small handful of people at the time, all naked photographers, including people like this dude in a time when big tits weren’t exposed by every girl everywhere looking for followers…

I would post on her calling her mouth and tits fake, because I make fun of girls who get naked for attention – even if I like them naked for attetnion. Since she wasn’t getting much media at the time and was googling herself, she saw the posts and this zero with great tits slutting out for fame she ended up getting told me that she didn’t appreciate my posts calling her face and tits fake…that they are real…so I decided to be nice to her…to write nice things about her…in a “friend of the site, I don’t actually hate these people, despite how disgusting they are at their core, and she’s got good tits, so why not be nice, even though I’m not nice”…I was thinking, she had tits that could get someone, and that it could be funny to stage some content stunts of my “love for her” that she was in on…

Instead she did the blurred lines videos, and she stopped sending me pics from her photoshoots she wanted to leak to the internet for the publicity, that I’m sure she was sending all sites, hell, it may have been her boyfriend master minding the whole thing, it doesn’t matter, what matters is that when she got where she wanted to get, fucking Ben Affleck for movie parts, she was too big, famous and important to fuck with little old me….and that’s cool, but figured, I’d go back to making fun of her, because like all these other girls she was back to being a nothing….

But that attitude, I wasn’t offended by, because I never met the bitch, we weren’t friends and I get the hustle, but could tell how she was an opportunist just getting herself ahead with no respect for anyone who was involved or helped her get there…like this photographer…

You see he was naked in a room with her, she probably begged him to shoot, and now she’s suing him because he’s showing pics she’s in…cuz she’s naked…that’s what she did, that’s who she is, and it’s not like it’s some hardcore porn shit…

I hate when these girls get mad about moves they made, instead of just owning them and dealing with the consequences…instead they bust out lawyers…in a “don’t make money off my name”…while girl made a shit ton of money off a lot of people giving her support…because without the photogs, the blogs, the magazines, Ben Affleck, and the Blurred lines video…she’d just be a stripper or an escort with an ego…which I guess is exactly what she is…

Still such a gross thing to do, from a gross, egotistical garbage person, but use your instagram money to get lawyers on people. That’s just fucking lame behavior….expected from such a lame cunt…who went viral, in more than one way, and now won’t let people make money off her…even though she’s made money off them. Typical woman.

About the show:

Castor Gallery Downtown is pleased to announce an exhibition of early work by renowned photographer Jonathan Leder, featuring 120 intimate portraits shot on Polaroid film. The exhibition will run from February 9 through February 26, 2017. An opening reception will be held on Thursday Feb 9th at 254 Broome St NY, NY from 6-9 PM. The artist will be in attendance.

The photographs on view in this exhibition were taken by Leder over a five year period, and are rarely exhibited to the Public. These images, which pre-date the fame of their celebrity subjects, such as models Emily Ratajkowski and Allie Leggett, capture Leder’s process as photographer and evoke a sense of nostalgia.

This show opens with an accompanying book, Leder / Ratajkowski Collector’s Edition from Imperial Publishing.

Featuring the infamous 2012 polaroid portraits taken of Emily Ratajkowski, the model made famous in Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” video. This exclusive signed artist edition and print will be available for purchase in the gallery.

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Emily Ratajkowski Overdressed Buying Lotto Tickets of the Day


Emily Ratajkowski is fucking reaching….

This is how she goes out and buys her lottery tickets…she’s like “hey paparazzi, look at me, I’m all fancy and these are my monster tits and a dress, all make-up faced despite her bird face”…..

We call this thirsty behavior….but you should see how she looks when she goes to the pharmacy to get some Plan B after letting all the directors and producers come in her…as her actual boyfriend holds her slut hand…

She’s just going as hard as she can…because she’s gotta make that money while she’s still got 10 million followers from being a softcore porn star…


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Em Rat Cow’s Empowering Nude Photo of the Day


I know that whenever I am feeling down on myself, you know being a woman in this man’s world we live in, not that I’m actually a woman, but since there are no genders – I can identify with whatever I want – which is why this site that is called misogynistic – is actually a feminist site…like Em Rat Cow – a model from social media who seems to be just a girl who exploits her tits to men she knows like tits – in what you’d assume is the only thing that defines her – as she’s talentless and without the tits – not that hot…is feminist…

I can’t hate on people who feel the way to elevate femininity – is posting a nude photo on instagram for her fans…because she’s not a fat chick, has a great body that doesn’t empower women – but probably makes them feel like shit about themselves – leading to increased implant and face injection sales….and she’s not an activist but rather a vain, superficial, skinny girl – who is actually sexualizing herself and brining women down to what actual feminists (read: fat girls) are protesting….but as long as you intellectualize it – it feels better doing it – and no one is listening to her anyway – they just look at the tits…but it’s so silly…

She’s blocked me on social media – so I can’t see the captions – but I assume they are hilarious…

Some more of her nonsense:

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Em Rat Cow’s Empowered Panty Pic of the Day


It’s nice to see that when the world, or at least America is divided and protesting….on Veterans day, while people are celebrating fallen soldiers, Rat Cow has the power to ignore what is going on, and focus on herself and her narcissism….by intellectualizing her being a self involved exhibitionist cunt living a bullshit life filled with a lot of money…and praise…all because she’s a naked girl for the internet that dudes who jerk off to thanks to her big tits….it’s the only reason they follow her….so I don’t really get why advertisers use her as an Influencer, but maybe it’s because 10 million people follow this…which is great for an exhibitionist cunt to post her panties to…while intellectualizing herself…probably the kind of girl who spends her days looking at herself and I find her pretty repulsive…

So here are some Obamas meeting Trumps memes…



OR better – a girl getting a CARROT BUKAKE…

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Rat Cow Posing Shamelessly Because She’s an Empowered Woman of the Day


It is such horse shit when a girl pretends getting naked on the internet, or doing porn, is empowering and progressing the state of the woman species.

Now I am not a hater or against girls getting naked on the internet, or doing porn…and let them think it’s empowering, as we look on with erections in hand…as we need masturabtion fodder.

If women were to desexualize themselves officially, but withdrawing getting naked on the internet, or doing porn…we would be forced to jerk off to the millions of hours of porn already produced, that is exactly the same scenes, over and over…HOW WOULD WE SURVIVE…

Instead, these low levels, try to be high levels, by intellectualizing, or adding some “Women’s Studies Theory”…to what they are doing, it helps them sleep at night…when really the getting naked, being a shameless, loose in the hips, trashy, crying for attention while showcasing their body due to narcissism and the fact it’s an easy angle…is just trashy..

Now I like trashy women, I just don’t think Trashy women make sense when they pretend they are anything but trashy women, it’s one of those “ok woman, run your mouth, talk about whatever it is you’re talking about, we won’t listen to you anyway…because we are looking at your tits”…

If you’re a fame whore, trying to get out there, seen, celebrated….and you’re doing it by getting naked, the dudes hiring you are only into it cuz you get naked…and they like what they see…this isn’t empowering you fucking idiot…this is just perpetual sexualizing of the woman form…and keep it up, it’s great…you empowerd woman…you…

What a joke…


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Em Rat Cow Works Them Tits of the Day


Hey look everyone it’s the fame whore Emily Ratajkowski not fucking David Fincher and Ben Affleck to get into the movie Gone Girl…that was so two years ago and SO IS EM RAT COW…doing fame whore stunts featuring some of her tits…not all of her tits…but still her tits…and it’s so exciting – but not really – because this is what she does…

I’ve been documenting her existence for as long as she’s been around and I will say, that there is no glory in being the second person to ever post Em Rat Cow pics early on in her career….in fact there is no glory in anything I do here…ever…and even if there was glory in posting her tits early on in her titty career…I wouldn’t realize it – as I feel pathetic doing this everyday…almost as pathetic as Em Rat Cow should feel being so typical, basic, and obvious in her exhibitionism….

I don’t know what high concept nonsense these selfies are supposed to represent, but I’m gonna go with she’s trying ever fucking angle she can to get noticed…it got her in a movie once…or twice…so I guess she’s just gotta keep the tits alive…in our minds…because she’s so close to being a somebody…despite still being a “who the fuck are you talking about” to almost anyone I mention her name to…

Not household, not interesting, but tits…with instagram model hopes and dreams and accomplishments…


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Rat Cow Naked for Social Media… Again……of the Day


What a surprise, a vapid, egotistical, narcissist like Rat Cow, who is virtually a softcore pornstar in both talent and actual success, if you don’t count her social media campaigns, and she knows her self worth comes down to getting naked…and she clearly seems to love that, she loves getting people to look at her naked, to stare at her naked, to get excited enough to jerk off to her naked…it all makes her feel great about her whore self..who I can’t believe actually still exists, but thanks to the power of social media…still fucking exists…it’s like they should have been just fleeting tits, like on e train running through town, but instead..they are tits we have to have a fucking relationship with – that don’t fucking shut up and that pop-up all the fucking time…it’s a bad marriage..and I want a fucking divorce…but even being blocked on all her social media…I am still exposed to this bootleg Kim Kardashian trash.



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Trashy Rat Cow Emotionally Stuffing her Bird Face of the Day

Trashy Rat Cow, who has been seen at fashion week in New York trying to get as much press as possible. I guess she’s trying to figure out what to do as a set of tits who people only liked because they got naked in a big music video – creating her as a social media personality…who pretends she’s more than just a social media personality…because no one wants to admit they are a social media personality…that blurred lines press was her “sex tape”…because even if she released a sex tape now – no one would give a fuck, not to mention…based on everything we’ve seen of her..she looks like she’d be a terrible fuck, just the kind of ego that lays there hoping you cast her in your movie like Ben Affleck and David Fincher did…but who isn’t really into it…

Watching her stuff her face, is probably a fetish too some, disgusting to me, take smaller bites you face stuffing twat, that meal isn’t going anywhere, it’s not like you have to rush through it like it’s the casting couch and you’re on a timeline…just savor it girl…like you should savor every second of your “career” that is totally unwarranted since big titty whores are a dime a dozen…

She’s garbage. Not even cute. Especially when you’re faced with her terrible table manners – that remind you of how ungracious an smug she is.


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Rat Cow’s Embarassing Videos of the Day

Rat Cow is so embarrassing. When she attempts to be sexy, and fun and cute all dancing around for some bullshit video that has zero point, story, dramatic curve, purpose, other than to have a bitch with big tits in motion, not even good motion, keeping a straight face – like it was the 80s and she was at the mall filming a music video at a music video kiosk…or prepping for her Bar Mitzvah video…but far too old for either of those things…

It’s like if you’re going to release any videos, make it pornography…not that she needs to do porn, her social media allows her to still and always cash the fuck in – no matter how irrelevant she is…people still follow Emily Ratajkowski and this she can spin it that people actully care…

She’s garbage. This is Zero hot. But people with no taste or standards who believe what they are told is hot – still think she’s hot…so here it is..



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Em Rat Cow Has Big Tits Of the Day


FACE TUNED TO FUCK Rat Cow has big tits, and she wants you to know it – because it’s the only reason she exists, and in these times of career stagnation, celebrity factor plateauing, basically leaving her alone to wonder what the next move is to get where she wants to go…she revists them tits…

This would be far more amazing, incredible, impressive, anything more than just staring at tits, if it required skills, feat of man, or anything more than having tits…

She also went to the US Open where she didn’t show tit – because she’s diverse…in her whoring..


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Em Rat Cow in a Bikini of the Day


I am convinced that Rat Cow is done, over, irrelevant, finished…and bound to fade into obscurity. She’s had her peak, she’s got as far as she can go and she’s not talented enough to carry this to the next level. She’s not creative enough to do good things with her audience. She’s too entitled and a diva and doesn’t realize that she’s just a Tila Tequila…they never realize these thigns….

But the fact is she’s got 7 million fans, so Rat Cow is still really fucking relevant…she’s invited to events, she’s still getting paid by brands and she’s still producing content for the dudes who follow her and jerk off to her are still loving her big tits on her small frame…and the women who like to follow the girls men jerk off to – are all up on her shit….

People just don’t unfollow, so the key to success is get those followers in the first place and you’re set for life – even though you can’t sell your account off like it was a shitty website, you’ll still have companies through you 10k a post…even if you aren’t worth 10k…not even for sex…

I don’t hate Rat Cow…but Rat Cow hates me…and that’s probably what makes me like her better…I love girls who hate me.

She was also at fashion week – doing some bullshit appearance for Target – not wearig panties because she’s a whore …


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Rat Cow is More Than Just TITS of the Day


Rat Cow is 25 – I think, and at 25 is when the metabolism starts to slow down – and ass and tits and gut start to get bigger, unless you starve yourself…and there is always that window where things still look good, a bigger ass is fun, and since you’ve already over exposed them tits, and you don’t want to be seen as a tit model…it’s important…to showcase all your other talents…and for some girls, being something people want to fuck is as good as they get…no matter how hard they try to pretend they are more…it always goes back to the half naked, full naked, tits and ass…shameless self promoter…and there is a place in the world for this…I just wish there was more sex videos to back all this up….

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Rat Cow Nude and Slutty of the Day


Emily Rat Cow is garbage. Last week’s kitchen garbage. Just played out, used up and already past around and exhausted…that pussy is prolapsed hanging halfway down her leg after the gangbang that is running train on her…

But she’s still working it, keep this alive as long as she can, don’t let it end just yet – she still has followers so keep them happy….with her ass…

An ass I would lick back to health after that gangbang because this love is real.



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