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Rat Cow Nude and Slutty of the Day


Emily Rat Cow is garbage. Last week’s kitchen garbage. Just played out, used up and already past around and exhausted…that pussy is prolapsed hanging halfway down her leg after the gangbang that is running train on her…

But she’s still working it, keep this alive as long as she can, don’t let it end just yet – she still has followers so keep them happy….with her ass…

An ass I would lick back to health after that gangbang because this love is real.



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Em Rat Cow Does Media of the Day


Em Rat Cow must feel like her relevance is dying hard…because in the last month, she’s called all her old friends and people she’s met along the way and convinced them to let her into their magazines, she’s gone this far – she’s made it this far – she’s got this much of an audience from getting naked in a music video and basically going viral (in more ways than one I am sure)….and she’s even got into movies…but she can’t be forgotten, she can’t be replaced by equally talented, often times better looking, probably not as good tits, because Em Rat Cow got some UDDERS, but more interesting, new, fresh…even Cindy Crawford’s husband likes new pussy…kind of thing…

So she’s on a rebrand, non nude rebrand…that is obviously a horrible idea – based on everything she is…but I guess it’s kind of working because people are publishing the pics…but it’s not working because I’m the only pervert lookin’ at them…and not liking them….just looking because putting a softcore pornstar in dresses on the beach makes no sense…there is no logic, I am so confused…where are her nipples…she knows she only matters cuz of her nipples right?

She needs better management, this is ridiculous…

Luckily – she curates her own bullshit account with actual smut…

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Em Rat Cow Fully Clothed Photoshoot on the Beach of the Day

emily (56)

Clothed at the beach on a half naked hooker – makes total sense…

I don’t know what she’s trying to re-invent, or what the fuck marketers who hire her are thinking, because I know she charges a lot, I tried to book her to suck my dick at my birthday photoshoot and it was unaffordable…

What I am saying is she’s a nobody, she doesn’t matter, she’s not influential, or an INFLUENCER, fuck that word INFLUENCER…she doesn’t influence shit, but maybe makes that Blurred lines song more tolerable when you can jerk off to her tits..

So this is some AMERICAN EAGLE shoot, where she’s doing her “art” on the beach, because her dad is some Bob Ross high school art teacher, which is less creepy than a high school gym teacher, but still the kind of guy who may jerk off to nude paintings he’s done of his daugther’s glorious tits…because she does have glorious tits…but tits don’t sell cheap jeans…tits are meant to be stared at…and she picked up some basic art techniques she’ll need when she becomes the topless girl on Venice beach painting beaches with her tits for 40 dollars to buy drugs that give her that high she once felt when she was at her peak….

So the more she gets clothed, and tries to be a serious personality, the more uninteresting she is, but yes, she will maintain her audience and fans…yes…people don’t unfollow…and yes..she’ll get naked again..she needs to be..but she’s not in these pics…but should be…what the fuck is she thinking..


TO see the rest of the pics #gallery-4 { margin: auto; } #gallery-4 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-4 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-4 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */

What a joker…


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Em Rat Cow Recycles a 2013 Photoshoot to Show her Olympic Support of the Day


There is no secret that Em Rat Cow is a famewhore, who tries every fucking angle she can to get noticed, including lazily posting a picture from over 3 years ago – where she’s wearing a thong and a USA jacket, you know to show her praise for the US team the only way she knows how to get work, show her love, or get ahead….

She’s insecure, thirsty garbage, but makes lots of money and gets to do lots of cool things and will continue to exist, thanks to social media mattering but more importantly, because of you dear pervert who likes big lips and big tits on a skinny frame…

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Em Rat Cow – Still Busty of the Day

emily (2)

Em Rat Cow’s still got tits, they are actually running the fucking show, they are the ones in charge, they are the boss, you can tell by how she dresses and how they make an appearance in 99 percent of the things she does…the rest of her is just an average at best, but at least it’s not fat, host body for those tits…

I am a firm believer that Em Rat Cow is done, I know she’s got some new movies in the works on IMDB, and I know she’s got that massive social media following and will always be able to monetize that, because people don’t just mass unfollow people, proven by the Kadashians everyone fucking hates…

So Em Rat Cow will be around for the rest of her life, but I just don’t think she’ll ever matter much more than the tits…the glorious tits…they are great tits…and you can hate on her, laugh at her, realize she’s an insecure loser who needs to feel validated…but you can’t deny the tits.


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Em Rat Cow Forgets Her Roots of the DAy


Em Rat Cow is dressed like some homeless orphan in some Charles Dickens story…layers and layers of covered the fuck up as a passive aggressive “go fuck yourself you fucking fans, I am more than just tits”…

But after much thought, much analysis, much field work and interviews of people in my head…we have collectively decided – no she’s not more than tits.

Sure she can want to be an actor, stealing jobs from actors, because she’s got a following on social media the producers assume mean she’ll fill seats…but you can’t jerk off in the kind of theaters her movies are shown in, at least not legally, because I’ve proven you can jerk off anywhere if they police don’t catch you, even though her skill set and talent would make you think she should be shown in the theaters you can jerk off in….but I guess her scam has kept her out of porn…but it definitely should keep her out of clothing…because when in clothing you can see how much she really doesn’t matter…

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Em Rat Cow in a Bikni Getting Work of the Day


Em Rat Cow is relatively uninteresting across the board. It’s one of those what more can we ask for or want from a girl who we’ve seen completely nude so many times that it is the only reason we know she exists…

Yes, she’s got a hot body, but when I see her doing anything besides the low level softcore porn she’s known for, I feel like I’m experiencing a stripper at a job interview at the grocery store to be a cashier…or bag girl…it’s like “bitch, get the fuck out of here”….only I guess “bikini” pics are in line with her nude pics – it all falls under the umbrella of instagram model – even if she’d never consider herself an instagram model – she probably tells people she’s an actress and hands out business cards with her IMDB profile on her vagina…like some kind of escort.

I don’t hate her, I just find her pretty repetitive, boring, uneventful…and uninspiring…step it up. Stop the yard.

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Em Rat Cow in a Bikini – Always Trying to Exist Through Tits of the Day


I guess Rat Cow understands that there is no need to ruin a wonderful thing, and that wonderful thing is her big old tits, so wonderful that those tits are the only reason she exists in pop culture or why she got cast in that music video, or why anyone followed her on social media…so she owes a lot to those tits – she needs to feed those tits, nurture those tits, and love those tits…

She is the host body to said tits – who seems to neglect that she was just that. She tried to pretend that she was a legit model, a talent, or even an artist…but what it all comes down to is the tits..so bring the tits…be empowered by the tits…

Carry those tits because the tits carry her, own her, are her…and there’s simply nothing else to her…

Celebrate them like she wants you to…self shot bikini photoshoots while in Turks and Caicos beach setting…possibly doing “work”…or maybe just taking a break from her rough schedule fame whoring….and in this bikini photoshoot you may not see full tit, but bikini tit, is still tit.

This pics wouldn’t exist without tit, so this is a celebration of tit…..

This may not be like most self respecting career women who are educated and care about their reputation, the kind of woman who doesn’t have topless videos or bikini photoshoots on the internet – because they don’t realize what Em Rat knows and that is tits are their worth. Their existence. Their value…especially when you pretend they empower you, of course they empower you…they are you.

I don’t know why I give bitches like this attention, there are way more graceful, elegant, kind, tits on the internet…but here she is anyway.

Here’s a tit video – that may be Em Rat Cow – Tits.

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Emily Ratajkowski in Lingerie of the Day


Here’s Emily Ratajkowski for some bootleg lingerie company – that’s not Victoria’s Secret – but probably pays as much as Victoria’s Secret – but it’s still not Victoria’s Secret and all she wants is that that level of credibility – even Kendall and Gigi Hadid have been in VS…and Rat Cow was at this fame whoring on social media way before them – and deserves it…at least in her mind…egos.

She’s made the money, so money isn’t enough, she’s been in movies….but that’s just because she banged the director…and the prize she really wants probably doesn’t want to work with her kind of hooker – who has the fan-base because dudes like tits that get naked for “art”…

I predict that like Cecil the Lion – things that are big on the internet for a minute, only last a minute….and eventually die off ….and she’s due to die off,…eventually everyone, including obscure asian brands will be official done with her….and big tits or not, thanks to so many other girls coming up with tits that are just as big and way less attitude…we will collectively move on…

But before that, she’s hanging on a thread…with a pile of money – so she’s won…good timing and luck – but you know she hasn’t won enough for that ego…

These pictures are shit – a preview of what’s to come for these isntagram tits.

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Emily Rat Cow’s 2012 Tits of the Day


Emily Ratajkowski still exists. We call her Rat Cow, but she’s not that boy, I mean she’s hardly a cow, she’s more of a bird, but I guess a rat face is like a bird face, all pointy and terrifying…with red eyes fixated on manipulating you into thinking she’s hot or giving her work as an actress – supported by some great fucking tits….

I am not a misogynist who boils down a woman’s worth to her tits, but some women like Em Rat Cow do it for us…it’s like “I have great tits, real or fake you’ll never know, but they’re great, so love me, hire me, keep me relevant”…

It’s the same story, she is unremarkable as a personality…but maybe her being raised in an artist family in souther California makes her less annoying as a person that she comes across in her public, barely relevant but till getting invited places existence.

She seems like an only child, spoiled brat, overly fed positive affirmations from her parents allowing her to go manipulate the world at a young age…but I guess thats looking to deep into her, trying to find value or purpose…when really, like she’s always telling us, she’s just tits….great tits..

These are from 2012.



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Em Rat Cow Rubbing Her Pussy on her Boyfriend’s Head of the Day


Rat Cow does anything she can for a little attention.

She is level zero in talent, she’s got nothing to offer and her face is fucking mangled and weird.

The only redeeming thing about her is her huge fake tits on her skinny frame, which I guess she’s well aware of because she’s made her career being what the UK has been doing for decades – TITTY GLAMOUR MODELS….only Rat Cow’s not that Glamour….

I don’t hate her for doing what she does, she’s making money and doesn’t need to work, I just hate that people buy into her and think she’s this amazing thing…oh right…no one does that…they just see her tits and her instagram following and follow her and give her work because I guess that’s all we really need in this world of iphone pics making slutty girls millions.

I know she’s probably on the outs, but she’s still whoring and that is something we should all support….you know the bootleg model, bootleg actress, bootleg porn chick, bootleg instagram personality combined…makes this…

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Em Rat Cow and Kim Kardashian Milking Them Tits of the Day

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 3.55.47 PM

These two hookers are trolling us, or maybe milking their tits and “friendship”, for a little publicity, because sister hookers need to have each other’s backs…

Kim K and Emily Ratajkowski are both sex workers who have uses their sex work in a manipulative way to become “relevant” in pop culture, in an era where social media and good timing to create or rebrand them into something brands want to use, despite being sex workers, which makes no sense to me coming from an era where sex workers were pigeonholed.

The rumor I heard and believe is that Em Rat Cow has been fucking Kanye his entire marriage to Kim K, because they are just in it for business. She met him on a music video shoot and seduced him with her tits….prior to the Blurred Lines tit video…and he flew her around the world to fuck, while Kim K was whoring at home…

These are all opportunist cunts, so maybe this is some sister wife shit, or maybe Kim is showing who the alpha den mother is, or maybe just maybe they are all in this together on the scam…because it’s about money.

The fact that two uneducated retard set of tits are trying to intellectualize how their tits empowered them to become millionaires…dragging this bullshit from a few weeks ago out, when they are both TERRIBLE influences on girls or the youth…

I’m not mad that they exist, I actually don’t care, I just think they represent a lot that is wrong in the world, mainly that average looking girls can get ahead…but on the flip side, I love that girls starting out their adult lives at 18 think filming themselves fuck is the way to get ahead…cuz I’ll watch…

Omg they are giving the finger…they are so hard with their floor lamp to light them int he bathroom and giving the “fuck you”….this is what the free world is about..

Some people need to disappear – these are two of them…

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Em Rat Cow Tormenting Me with Pugs of the Day


Emily Ratajkowski is a sensitive soul, at least when it comes to her, she hates being made fun of, while most of these self involved narcissists who love making duck faces and staring at themselves in the mirror. The kind of girl who you catch watching herself on her phone, staring at herself through her camera phone…and she’s made a lucrative career out of it…while most girls like her just expect it to happen for them…without work..all part of that thinking they are amazing, self love, bullshit…

I’ve made fun of her consistently since day one, but that doesn’t mean I hate her, I don’t even know her or care about her. I just see her as tits, who pull out their tits, which is awesome, but ruined because the tits aren’t given credit they deserve and she thinks she actually has talent beyond her tits, making for a very terrible place..

But It turns out that her family has a pug, and I have a pug, and I live for my pug, and love all pugs, to the point that when I see one I point and scream “PUG” like a 4 year old girl, or a retard, or a bieber fan in concert…you know what I’m saying…and that is for the first time, I’ve genuinely felt emotion beyond “I get what the whore is doing for attention with those tits” by looking at her pics, and I feel so tormented, but not really, as a pug lover I’ve known that Pugs make all situations, even shitty ones, perfect…but then you realize that the Pug is probably her pug she abandoned at her parent’s house when she decided to go get famous, and that just makes her a Pug abandoner and we hate those more than we hate pug haters…

Pugs are very important..

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