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Maria Sharapova Decorates the Tree in Leggings of the Day

I thought Russians had no religion…but I guess I should be glad that they do…only because it means Maria Sharapova, who I think is actually American, since she moved to Miami to be a big tennis star back when she was 12, but Russian for the sake of this post….or more importantly, a Russian who Americanized herself…for her professional sports career…I guess meaning you won the Cold War….and she represents American Freedom….

I like to think of her fit tennis Enrique Iglesias ass in leggings as some kind of CHRISTMAS MIRACALE but only as she decorates her Christmas tree…the rest of the time…it’s just a fit ass.

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  • roscoe

    Anna Kornikova is the one going out with Enrique you drunken dork. Please go back to masturbating over airbrushed stick figures in the Victoria’s Secret catalog.

  • cowbulls

    I want to hear from some guys that have nailed her. Does she know what to do with that amazing legs and ass?