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Rihanna Posts Christy Mack’s Ass on Instagram of the Day

I have a constant debate with CANNON SHOW about this Pornstar Christie Mack, cuz he always says she’s the hottest girl in the porn game…and I just don’t really give a fuck cuz I am desensitized to this shit….but I will say this is probably the biggest day in her life…I mean at least since this SMOKING BLOWJOB or this FACIAL …because Rihanna….Bad Girl RiRi on Instagram…just posted her ass on her instagram…and if that’s not a sign of reaching the top of the porn game…I don’t know what is….this makes all the daddy issues, being molested as a kid, and whatever else went wrong to make her a broken porn chick….worth it…

I just hope one day Rihanna notices me…because this just made Christy Mack a household name and more importantly a household pussy, it’s a major fucking co-sign…this is bigger than being Bree Olson getting slammed by Charlie Sheen….which lead to her retirement from porn…that will inspire her return to porn…as that was a retard porn chick move…kinda what porn chicks are known for.

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  • Fresno

    Yes they all retire for a lil then when the rent is due, all the whores come back! So fukn predictable, either go dancing or go fuckin on camera again, then ya got the in betweens who think they’re not whores anymore cause they only Cam it. Cam whores are the same as any whore, a whore by any other name is still a smelly whore.

  • J’approuve ce qui a été écrit.

  • sissy

    first of all.
    that black bitch, who posted a white girls ass, pretending it was her butt, is known all over the fucking planet for singing stupid shit like
    nanananananan come on and oh nana what’s my name – should be the one to call a stupid hoe. wanna guess how many times she sucked jay z’ dick?!
    the only difference between bitch #1 and bitch #2 in here is, that christy is doing it in front of a camera with strangers.
    actually, christy is quite clever and fucking symphatic compared to rihanna. She’s not a fucking junky like that black whore, who is postig pictures of herself smoking pot all the time. ”riri” turned from a sweet little girl to a fucking slut, teenage girls are looking up to her, christy is an adult filmstar, a fucking hot one, and I say this as a straight female, who is actually not attracted to girls. and if there weren’t no female porn actresses your saturday night would be pretty boring, because you’re not used to jerk off to magazines anymore, fucktards.