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Sarah Hyland Isn’t 14 for Glamoholic Magazine of the Day

One of two things happened in this Photoshoot with Sarah Hyland, the 12 year old on Modern Family who is actually not 12, but who was probably on hormone therapy by her stage parents, cuz you don’t get on a hit TV show even at 18, without having stage parents who throw you into the shit head first for as money money as they can get…cuz protitution comes in all forms….

So either Sarah Hyland hit puberty….and figured now was as good a time as any to show off her new womanly body….or…..she always had this body and spending time with guestionable character Sofia Vergara, single mother from Colombia turned Emmy Winner….instead of back alley hooker….has been the mother Sarah Hyland has never had…telling her to “show them tits as hard and fast as you can cuz it will open doors for you”…

And whatever the reason for this shoot…I’m kinda happy it happened….cuz I feel less creepy masturbating to her now that I know she’s got her period….

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