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Dita Von Teese in Lingerie for Elle China of the Day

For the record… I DO NOT FIND DITA VON TEESE HOT or ATTRACTIVE or INTERESTING …In fact, I think she’s a fucking scam….I didn’t care about her when she was an average at best with shitty implant girl working for playboy thanks to some internet success she had early on in the internet game…not even when she was shooting softcore lesbian porn and I sure as hell don’t give a fuck about her now, 30 years later….She’s got an act that works for ugly chicks, the pin-up shit that is played out and she just happened to be the poster girl of….but apparently China does care about her…coz they got her to pose in lingerie for them…and I guess that’s good enough strategy for a bottom feeder like her…cuz if you can get 1 dollar from 1 billion people…you’re pretty fucking set financially…especially at the tail end of your hooker slut game…cuz one day…Betty Page impersonator is gonna have to hang up her vintage lingerie….

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