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Micaela Schaefer Brings the Christmas Cheer of the Day

Micaela Schaefer is some 45 year old German attention whore who pretends she’s a model, but who really is just someone in the scene enough to get invited to red carpet events the paparazzi are at, where she always where’s ridiculous half naked outfits….

That said, I think she’s really captured the essence of the Christmas spirit in these pics….I mean when I think of Christmas…this is the vision I see….and if this doesn’t scream Christmas to you…you’re twisted…I mean shit…she’s got a Santa hat on and everything…she must be the real St Nick….

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  • schlomo

    you make it seem like she’s just some attention whore like phoebe price, who would wanna be or date a celebrity.

    when we see pictures like these, then that was her job and she was booked to do it. it’s not like she does that outta boredom…

  • Where’s all the skanky men that dress like that? Why is it always women dressed in a headband?

  • hasimitdoffenohren

    she may be a fame whore, but she isn’t 45 years old, she’s 29

  • Fresno

    She’s 45??? No fucking way.

  • Travis

    I wish someone would kill this desperate attention-deprived cunt.
    What a fucking embarrassment…

  • Mitt

    * you must have meant she always ” wears ” ridiculous…
    Being a lawyer and from Brazil, the first thing I thought when I saw this lady’s pictures a while back was: ” please do not be from Brazil ” , ” please do not be brazilian ” . Thank you Micaela, Macaila, Macarena, whatever your name is, for not being Brazilian.