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Sara Underwood and Candace Bailey Suggestive for Social Media of the Day

First off Candace Bailey doesn’t fucking matter, she’s just an extra in all Sara Jean Underwood pics, whether you like her or not…she’s married to the show’s creator and co-host and that in and of itself makes her absolutely uninteresting – mainly cuz the show is uninteresting…

Second off Sara Jean Underwood has done playboy, I’ve seen her pussy, and this happens to the the internet where I can google those pics, meaning anything she does from that point on clothed, no matter how much mainstream success she gets, will always remain half assed to what actual matters – and that’s seeing her naked….and she knows I am right, otherwise she wouldn’t pose like a hooker or have implants..

That said, when they rub up on each other for attention, they are still hot and that’s why I’m posting this nonsense…

Trust me when I say…it’s got nothing to do with Christmas Miracles…

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  • Actually that fake lesbian bull shit pisses me off. Had they done it for real, maybe ATOS wouldn’t be done with.

  • ToneDef

    Bailey’s husband has nothing to do with Attack of the Show.

  • nerds

    Guys who wrote this makes all nerd sounds like virgins and talks like a trashy hillbilly who doesnt get laid unless its from fat bitches (which I bet he cant get that) or his damn cat. Sound bill gates said ” be nice to nerds odds are one will be your boss one day”. Yea I am a nerd and I am proud of it I make good money and do something I love. I also am an outdoors man and boxer. That being said my worst fuck was better then your best