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Kate Upton for V Magazine of the Day

Kate Upton is great for one thing…being photoshopped in a bikini….to look like a busty 19 year old with huge fertile tits…that although probably sag in the worst way possible…look okay spilling out of a large sized bikini top….

She was manufactured by SI and that’s where she should have stayed, but instead the fashion world picked her up as a legit model, cuz blogs talk about her….

And now she’s doing editorial work, high concept, high production, all while looking like a pig, sucking in her gut, not meant to be a model, but meant to be a dairy queen clerk while going to community college for cosmetics….

It makes no sense, and I tease her all the time about being fat, having an over eating disorder, eating her feelings, because she puts herself out there…and I can….

I am not mean, I am speaking fact, and here’s Anna Nicole Smith Part 2 for V Magazine….totally out of place….especially when showing off her size next to some twink…and remember these are shot by the best, make-up and hair by the best, edited by the best…and even they cant make her look awesome…she still looks chubby….and this is horrible.

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