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Miley Cyrus Booty in Bikini in Costa Rica of the Day

Even a pixelated ass shot of Miley Cyrus’ ass in Costa Rica wearing a bikini is enough for me to feel a tingle in my pants….because Miley has this young tight body that you can really appreciate in pictures…cuz you don’t have to listen to her spoiled brat hick voice talking nonsense….when you can just stare at her fucking ass in a bikini…which is really all you want from her….like going on a bad date with a babe you want to fuck and having to sit through hours of her talking about herself to the point where you just want to get her home and not even bother hate fucking her cuz you know it will mean listening to more of her talking and instead you go home and jerk off to her cleavage or ass instead…cuz it’s less detrimental on the soul….not that you ever go on dates…but an ass pic of Miley is a lot like that experience would be if you do….it’s the good parts of her….even when Pixelated…..and from afar….in an angle I call “The Voyeur in Your Tree”…..aka My favorite place to be…..

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