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Fatty Kate Upton’s Horrible Mercedes Ad of the Day

Tall, long legged, awkward mid-section, obese chick in training, Anna Nicole Smith junion, Kate Upton…..is in a Mercedes ad campaign for the Super Bowl…..and I guess this is their first release to get the buzz going…..

Really mercedes?

I guess they are trying to hit the middle class dude market with no taste….but there was a time when the Benz was a fancy car..and I guess as people got richer and bought Rolls Royce’s and Bentley’s…they had to scramble and said to themselves….”Kate Upton is well liked by dudes who like tits, and dudes who like tits can afford 400 dollar a month leases on cars that were once considered luxury cars”…..so instead of casting an actual babe….giving us some aspiration unattainable dreams we hope a car like that gives us….like it is supposed to be marketed….they’ve decided to throw out all branding….and say “hey joe dude who likes tits, get a benz”….

What a fail….

That said…why the fuck are 10 dudes washing one car…If I was rich I’d make sure the big pig of a woman would be doing it as me and my friends throw pork rinds and her saying “eat your mommy, eat your mommy”……

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  • Harley Quinn

    So glad I’m not alone in thinking she has the most disgusting body of any model I’ve ever seen. She has no waist, hips, or ass. Just 2 sloppy tits.

  • Cheds

    That was fucking terrible. There’s nothing else to say. She’s gross.

  • Yer an idiot

    Every time you spout the BS that Kate is fat, and angel gets thier wings. So, by all means, keep lying.

  • Mr. Pneu

    No she’s shapeless, untonned and gelatinous. Very sloppy looking for her age. She has no middle section, just a blob. Also what’s up with her scrunched up upper lip? Her entire career is all bandwagon hype. No big deal whatsoever.

  • Travis

    She also has shapeless legs. I was too distracted by her love-handles to ever notice til now. Mischa Barton has better legs than her & that’s saying something…