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Monica Bellucci for Vanity Fair Spain of the Day

Monica Bellucci is some busty old lady pushing 50 who had acted and modeled both clothed and topless over the last 2 and a half decades…she started at 13 for some “local photo enthusiast”….who I’d like to call Roman Polanski for the sake of this post…..and now she’s modeling for Vanity Fair Spain….without really exploiting her tits the way I’d want her to be exploiting them…. but I guess at her age…she’s done all her tits are really capable of and they are now tired and a shadow of what they once were at their glory….you know like seeing a fat retired ball player thrown back into the mix…he’s got the moves…the skills…his body just won’t let him hit that home run….only the boob version….and as much as I hate to admit it…cuz I hate old ladies….I think she looks awesome.

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