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Lauren Cohan in Esquire of the Day

LAUREN COHAN is on The Walking Dead…a popular show I’ve never watched cuz I’m too lame to hang with the cool kids…and I’m not allowed to like what the mainstream like….cuz the mainstream doesn’t ever invite me to its birthday party…..but more importantly….cuz I just assume a Zombie show created because of Zombie hype..based on a comic book…is garbage and I won’t give it a chance….at least I can pretend I’m just too cool and above it all…sitting on my throne of dog shit in a basment apartment that is around 0 degrees thanks to quality craftmanship when this low cost housing dump was built….

I guess with being on a popular show…comes getting exposure…and getting exposure that sell magazines when magazines are kinda dead and should be free anyway….require semi hot pics….leading to these shots of this girl in her one-piece that all you nerd and AMC show loving freaks will probably really like lookin at…

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