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Barbara Palvin for REPLAY of the Day

There comes a time in every 19 year old Lingerie Model working for the evil lingerie empire’s life….where her management and their marketing team put her on as many high profile campaigns as possible….whether that campaign is pretending to bang Justin Bieber for TMZ…in efforts to help his homosexuality stay covered up…..or now this fully clothed campaign for Replay…it is just all about her getting media hits…increasing her brand equity….and making her matter….now all she needs is a relationship with an A-Lister like she was most of the other Victoria’s Secret girls and in turn we’ll be stuck with her posing half naked the next decade like she was Heidi Klum…something I can probably deal with since I have nothing else going on…you know easy to fit in my schedule…

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  • I saw her on our local news with Candice the other day. Candice was all sophisticated and classy, but not Barbara. She took the conversation in another direction by being all proud of her drinking beer and partying like a college kid.

    She’ll be like Doutzen modeling the boring ugly clothes as she’ll be fat in no time if she keeps that up.