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Cameron Russell and Behati Prinsloo for Victoria’s Seceret February of the Day

I figure I don’t write enough about these Victoria’s Secret models…because they are only in every second post…that I might I well do one more….this time with Cameron Russell, who I don’t think I’ve ever posted on, so it’s fresh Victoria’s Secret Meat….and Behati Prinsloo who just has a stupid name that should be a dish at an Indian Restaurant….posing in the half naked, airbrushed, no nipple or vagina definition despite being in lingerie glory….giving girls unrealistic expectations for themselves, while making men hate anything they fuck for not looking like this….hey if it sells panties then it works for me….

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    Victoria’s secrets models are plain boring. All of them.

    I know you have to fill content, but this shit sucks.