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Cameron Russell for Vogue Mexico of the Day

The highlight of Cameron Russell’s career was being born to the founder of Buzzcar, founder of ZipCar and being very fucking rich…and connected…

She was raised by intelligent people…only to use her access to become a model…even though she could offer the world more than just modelling because modelling is some vapid brainless bullshit…but I guess this modelling shit is just a means to an end…take the money that you can…because it is an easy way to make money…

Here’s her rant about being superficial…doing Ted….cuz she’s so smart…when she might as just stick to modelling….because she looks good and I prefer looking at her….that listening to her….

And here is some random….shoot she did for Vogue Mexico…

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Cameron Russell The Edit of the Day

I shit on Cameron Russell all the time, I mean whenever I see a post of her, because she’s a fucking rich kid, who like so many other rich kids, have decided to be models…her parents are he founders of Zipcar and some other car pool service that I assume has made billions…

She got a lot of hate, when she did a Ted Talk about how she won the genetic lottery, you know because she’s so pretty….that I don’t think is all that big of a deal, if her career was established because someone plucked her randomly off the streets of the third world and helped her create this…

Being a successful model, when your mom’s friend runs a huge modelling agency, who you know from the country club, says “you’re tall, you’re a spoiled brat, you have everything you need, let’s give you a fake job so you can have fun, while your mom and dad make the millions”…and it works out…is a little less impressive…because a lot of hot bitches…hotter than this bitch…who work at a fucking deli…

That said, here she is in The Edit…

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Cameron Russell and Sara Sampaio Models Bikini of the Day

Cameron Russell and Sara Sampaio are some Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated bikini modela…and here they are modelling bikinis…shocking…it’s their fucking job..that’s what they fucking do and what they are meant to do…and what they are trained to do and what they are in contract to do…and it’s at the point of barely being interesting in terms of the shoot itself, or even just being girls in bikini…but whatever..I’ll still look because I can and really have very little else to do right now

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Cameron Russell for H&M Lingerie of the Day

If you would like to learn a lesson in nepotism…here is Cameron Russell a model who has done all kinds of bullshit including Victoria’s Secret…who’s actually got an education, but figures it is a lot more fun to just pose half naked for the world instead of landing a job…

Sure she did do some TED TALKS speech on how being pretty sucks…how she won the “Genetics” Lottery, despite being born rich and into an actual lottery, all in efforts to make herself seem more legit in her decision making, to give herself more purpose or meaning to a job that is vapid and ego based….probably to show her mom that she’s doing something with her life, knowing her mom is disappointed that she chose to be a dumb model, instead of doing so much more….you know since her mom is the founder of Zipcar and probably a billionaire…

But as much as she talks it up…I say let her pretend there is more to her than tits, all while I stare at her tits…because in the end, degree, trust fund, inheritance or not, she’s still just a half naked girl in catalog pics and I’d totally be into getting her pregnant.


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Cameron Russell for H&M of the Day

Cameron Russell is some model who thinks she has more to offer the world than just modelling because modelling is some vapid brainless bullshit….

She studied political science and economics but I guess this modelling shit is just a means to an end…take the money that you can…because it is an easy way to make money…while building a platform for her purpose…

Here’s her rant about being superficial…doing Ted….cuz she’s so smart…when she might as just stick to modelling….because she looks good and I prefer looking at her….that listening to her….

In her world, looks are everything, and this intellectual stance…is just boring…even if it was interesting…because it’s not her half naked…but these pics are….

I don’t hate her or her hustle, in fact I want to write her love songs and encourage her attempt to try to be more than just a model…because while she does that…she still models…

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Victoria’s Secret March Mega Post of the Day

The same gang of rejects…and by rejects I mean hot fucking babes who are overpaid and likely have egos that reflect their bank accounts…as down to earth as you’d expect a life of luxury and being sucked up to to be…including but not limited to….

-Erin Heatherton
-Karlie Kloss
-Magdelena Frackowiak
-Candice Swanepoel
-Cameron Russell
-Behati Prinsloo….

In the catalog we all used to jerk off to before the internet…cuz I guess hicks still like to do mail order like it was 1992 more than they like to online shop..

Who cares…cuz that way the half naked pics keep on comin’….even if they are boring…

Here’s pretty much their entire catalog…cuz I have nothing better to do with my time than to download and re-upload this shit…unfortunately…

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Cameron Russell and Behati Prinsloo for Victoria’s Seceret February of the Day

I figure I don’t write enough about these Victoria’s Secret models…because they are only in every second post…that I might I well do one more….this time with Cameron Russell, who I don’t think I’ve ever posted on, so it’s fresh Victoria’s Secret Meat….and Behati Prinsloo who just has a stupid name that should be a dish at an Indian Restaurant….posing in the half naked, airbrushed, no nipple or vagina definition despite being in lingerie glory….giving girls unrealistic expectations for themselves, while making men hate anything they fuck for not looking like this….hey if it sells panties then it works for me….

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Victoria’s Secret Babes Half Naked of the Day

Someone told me that I need to get over my love for Candice Swanepoel…because it is boring, repetitive, not funny…but is love supposed to be comedic…it love a joke….isn’t love supposed to be a beautiful and romantic thing that changes our life….and makes it a better place worth living…I’m talking about what Disney stories are made of…what makes us cry when it ends…and cry when it happens and cry all the fucking time…cuz it’s just that good for our souls…it’s not a joke…people…it’s not a joke….

That said…here’s Karlie Kloss, Cameron Russell, Candice Swanepoel, Miranda Kerr, …half naked…good times….

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Cameron Russell in her Bikini Thanks to Nepotism of the Day

We all know that success is based on who you know. I mean if I knew captains of industry, instead of captains of dirty panty fetishes, hard drinking, spending days in the park, and all other things useless, maybe I’d be in a bikini in a magazine too.

Her name is Cameron Russell, her mom is billionaire and Zipcar co-founder Robin Chase. She was hooked up with a modeling agency thanks to her mom’s friend who worked at Ford Models, and now she’s a top model….and here she is in a bikini.

I’m not bitter, I think the rich should get richer, it’s he fabric that holds our society together, poor people need to remain bitter and unhappy for population control. It just makes sense.

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Cameron Russell Half Naked in July’s Vogue Germany of the Day

Her mother is one of Time Magazine’s top 100 Most influential people in 2009. She is Business Week’s top 10 Designers, Fast Company’s 50 Champions of Innovation, mainly because she has a good PR person or blowjob skills, but it is more socially acceptable if we pretend it is all for some company she started called Zipcar where people pay a monthly membership fee to share cars…a business that has allowed her hot kids to live the good life by getting them signed to major modeling agencies cuz the rich and successful help the rich and successful especially when the pussy they produce is this caliber.

This is a video and photoshoot from Vogue Germany. I’m pretty sure this isn’t the last we’ll hear of privileged rich kid Cameron Russel, at least I’m hoping it’s not, cuz I like pussy, especially when it gets work, cuz it gives me hope that this hell is not the end of the line for me, and that maybe she’ll take me under her wing and feel sorry for me, offering me a a better tomorrow….even though I know that shit won’t happen…but it makes jerking off to her bikini pics more heartfelt and authentic….

Here are the pics.

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