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Victoria’s Secret March Mega Post of the Day

The same gang of rejects…and by rejects I mean hot fucking babes who are overpaid and likely have egos that reflect their bank accounts…as down to earth as you’d expect a life of luxury and being sucked up to to be…including but not limited to….

-Erin Heatherton
-Karlie Kloss
-Magdelena Frackowiak
-Candice Swanepoel
-Cameron Russell
-Behati Prinsloo….

In the catalog we all used to jerk off to before the internet…cuz I guess hicks still like to do mail order like it was 1992 more than they like to online shop..

Who cares…cuz that way the half naked pics keep on comin’….even if they are boring…

Here’s pretty much their entire catalog…cuz I have nothing better to do with my time than to download and re-upload this shit…unfortunately…

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