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Bianca Balti in Lingerie for H&M of the Day

I always knew…from the first time I heard about this sweatshop made low cost clothing…that H&M were secretly smut peddlers…sure their ad agency has ignored my emails the last 5 years….not even having the decency to reject me….because they think I’m too vulgar or smutty…or more importantly cuz they don’t realize the drunkenstepfather as a life philosophy is about not giving a fuck, saying inappropriate things, but for some reason, they think it is on some child molesting kick…because I guess that’s all they know from first hand experience with their stepfather who drank too much…all these corporations are fucking idiots….but at least their creative direction weren’t idiots in casting Italian Bianca Balti…cuz unlike most Bianca’s I know…she’s not a fat black stripper lookin for 10 dollars a song…but instead some kind of goddess I want drink life’s juices from every one of her orifices….I’m classy like that…..

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