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McKayla Maroney in a Leotard of the Day

There are s a few things about McKayla Maroney that are creepy, the first being that perverts everywhere find her hot….and I get that perverts don’t care that she’s 17….I mean 16 is legal here….and with all the hormones in the food and shit…what difference does 6 months between now and 18 really make…especially when she’s old enough to represent your country in the olympics…then she’s old enough for you to lust after…or something…..but the reality is that unlike all the girls you see in short shorts with big boobs as their dads shake their head in disappointment….while secretly loving when they have sleep overs….she hasn’t really benefitted from the generation of big tits….cuz she was too busy training…and lookin at her all jacked like this…in a pic she posted to Instagram…it is safe to say that she doesn’t get her period…and more importantly you’re not into jail bait…but Russian women who can beat the fuck out of you…I mean those shoulders are fucking beast….so stop sexualizing her you freaks.

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  • Phillip McCracken

    her attitude and people like her are the reason americans root AGAINST america in the olympics.