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Jennifer Love Hewitt For Shape Magazine and Some Stills from her Music Video of the Day

The nice thing about the internet is all the pervert….especially when it comes to Jennifer Love Hewitt…because there’s something about her that really speaks to the over 30 year old virgin who has been masturbating to her since Dawson’s Creek or whatever socially awkward show I just assumed you had to be gay to watch…..because with all those perverts come screen caps of her music video that I posted weeks ago….and for some reason…I felt it was worthy of a post…because seeing her shit still frame…just makes me laugh….kinda like how all the guys she tries to marry and have babies with laugh…only without all the satisfaction….I mean unless you’re like me and get joy knowing she didn’t eat for a week and had at least 5 enemas in the making of this video….and yet her body still looks sloppy….and jobbing…I love it.

Here she is for shape….

These may be stills – but they be jiggling to me…

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