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Sara Sampaio in Lingerie of the Day

Sara Sampaio is straight from the slums of Portugal…where her fisherman family…fish….and where her 21 year old ass was exported to America to live the American dream….like so many Portugese fisherman before her….but instead of opening a chicken place…like those portuguese before her….you know celebrating being the armpit of Europe through roasted meat….she has got half naked for major brands….like Victoria’s Secret….because unlike all those other Portuguese people before her…she doesn’t have a fully grown out mustache….and I am happy about that…cuz staring at her half naked…is better than not staring at her half naked….insightful…I know.

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  • andre

    Portugal has barely any slums.
    Portuguese fishermen are fewer by the day.
    We don’t all wear moustaches, actually not a lot of us (me included) do it.
    You are ignorant and prejudiced, and not very smart.
    PS: Sara Sampaio, three letters: W, O and W.

  • Youlackculture

    Slums in Portugal? … Sorry there are none.

    Portugese? It’s Portuguese…

    The Portuguese are all Fisherman? You clearly are a very educated person…

    All the Portuguese Fisherman that go to the USA open Chicken restaurants? Well of course they do, they fish the chicken in Portugal…

    And the armpit of Europe is an insult. You should learn that you’re far from being the center of the world…

  • Rui nomoustache

    Bravo Andre and Youlackculture

  • ralph

    Cova da Moura

  • unknown


  • unknown