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Top 40 Pics on Instagram from Ultra Music Festival of the Day

Raving has gone mainstream. It has lost its soul of illegal parties where ugly people have drug overdoses, while massaging each other in fun fur, or dancing to bad music all night. I used to go to those parties because being an alcoholic pervert, it was a good place to drink until 10 am surrounded by underage girls on E who were into gettin’ down and they always smelled like shit.

Now all the suburban mall shoppers the real ravers of the 90s would probably hate, are eating this raver shit up, they are even dropping the word PLUR, like they went back to 1997 and raided all the socially awkward nerd freaks who needed to be bullied in their raver cloud.

The good thing about things going mainstream, isn’t that the DJs now make 100k a night, it is that the quality of pussy involved in it, running to see their favorite dubstep or techno or house DJ, like a gang of gays on poppers….is that the pussy is hotter than it bottom feeding disgusting it used to be.

I mean sure there were always babes at clubs, and big scale parties, so maybe this is nothing new….but the college girls who would be normally doing a wet t-shirt contest at a frat party are into this now and that’s kinda weird to me.

Here are the best, (first) 40 pics I found of crackhead girls half naked club girls in Miami, for the Ultra Music Festival, dancing to shitty DJs who get paid more than the Rolling Stones, because they are trendy and mainstream. They probably smell like 24 hours of sweaty dancing in their vaginas and I like that cuz when I used to go to raves, the girls were fucking meth scabbed, fat, and not the hot girls who were shopping at the gap.

Here are some girls havin’ some fun…

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